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Govt intensification of repressive acts will be reason for their fall: BNP

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BNP senior leader Abdullah Al Noman on Sunday alleged that the government has intensified its repressive acts as its days are numbered.

"This autocratic government has increased its repressive acts on BNP leaders and activists and common people. Sticks and teargas are the main weapons of the current regime like Ershad, Ayub Khan to suppress people," he said.

Speaking at a human chain programme, the BNP leader further said, "All governments turn autocrat at the end of its rule, and Awami League is also walking into the same path as they can realise their days are numbered."

Jatiyatabadi Muktijoddha Dal arranged the programme in front of the Jatiya Press Club, demanding BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's release from jail.

Noman, a BNP vice chairman, said the government is now defying the constitution to cling to power. "Instead of upholding the constitution, the government is violating it, and repressing people."

He alleged that the government has ruined the country's economy through widespread corruption and plundering.

The BNP leader strongly protested the attacks on students and journalists during the movement for safe roads, and urged the government release of the detained students.

"The student's movement was not political one, but they (students) gave politicians a message that this government won't last for long, and its repair is necessary," he said.

He said the government had extended its support to the student movement seeking safe roads at the initial stage as the entire nation was united over the movement.

"They later (govt) exposed their traditional and natural attitude through attacking the students. Even, journalists were not spared," the BNP leader observed

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