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Govt not formed with ‘people’s votes’: BNP

BNP renews demand for fresh polls under caretaker

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BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Monday said the government must hold a fresh election under a caretaker government as the current parliament is not formed with ‘people's votes’.

"The current parliament is illegal as the government was not elected with people's votes. They robbed people's votes," he said while addressing a meeting of the party at Horipur in Thakurgaon.

The BNP leader said the country's people, not their party, was defeated in the 11th parliamentary election as the ruling party 'usurped' power using guns and the state machinery, reports UNB.

"Awami League turned victorious rigging votes, but democracy got defeated in the election. So, a fresh election under a caretaker government must be held. The government will be forced to arrange a new election through a movement," he said.

Fakhrul alleged that Bangladesh has now turned into a failed state where there is no accountability while the government is acting as per its whim.

About the current budget, he said it is not a pro-people budget as it was designed only to protect the interest of businessmen and plunderers.

The BNP leader urged his party colleagues not get upset, but to put in their best efforts to restore democracy.

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