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Govt removing officials in fear of losing power, says Mirza Fakhrul

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday alleged that the government is removing government officials from their jobs out of anxiety.

"They (govt) have become very nervous. The government of (Sheikh) Hasina is so anxious that now they have started removing the officials ...out of fear of losing power," he said

In the context of sending some of the officials to forced retirement, the BNP Secretary General made the remarks while addressing a rally in front of the BNP's Nayapaltan central office.

BNP's Dhaka south and north city units organised the rally to protest against the police attacks on party leaders and activists, their arrests and harassment in 'false' cases, reports UNB.

The protest was also meant for registering the party's anger over police raids on the houses of opposition leaders and workers, sending them to jail in other cases despite obtaining bail from courts.

Referring to a newspaper report, Fakhrul said the government is now unable to repay the loans it borrowed from abroad and different lending agencies. "So, what will happen now? All foreign lending agencies will stop giving loans while the reserves are falling."

He categorically said the current regime has now no right to rule the country anymore. "You have turned the country into a failed state through corruption and misrule. You please quit power with dignity. If you don't step down, the country's people know how to unseat you.''

The BNP leader renewed their party's demands for the resignation of the government, dissolution of parliament, handing over power to a non-party neutral government and formation of a fresh election commission to conduct a credible national election and establish a government and parliament of people.

At the same time, he said BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia must be released and all the 'false' cases against the opposition leaders and activists have to be withdrawn.

Khulna rally to see a mass wave

Fakhrul alleged that the government is creating obstacles in their party's ongoing democratic movement in various ways. "You know, transport services were stopped during our divisional rally in Mymensingh. Similarly, they are stopping public transport in Khulna two days ahead of the rally."

He said such a move of the government will not help prevent people from joining the rally. "People will participate in the rally... Lacs of people will attend the rally."

Fakhrul issued a stern warning against the oppression by the government and asked the law enforcers to stop filing false cases, repressive acts and killing opposition leaders and activists.

Otherwise, he said the people of this country did not forgive any oppressor in the past. "You won't be forgiven either."

As part of its divisional rallies, BNP will organise the rally on Sonali Bank premises in Khulna city on Saturday amid suspension of the bus services for two days.

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