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Hasan Mahmud sees sabotage behind recent fire incidents

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Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud said it is becoming clearer that sabotage was behind the recent fire incidents including at BM Container Depot and a moving train.

The joint secretary-general of the ruling Awami League made the remarks while replying to journalists at the secretariat on Monday, reports UNB.

Hasan Mahmud said he was saying from the beginning that an investigation is needed to identify whether there was any sabotage behind the container depot fire. After that fire broke out inside a moving train in Sylhet from the toilet and another train caught fire in Khulna.

 “The sabotage conspiracy has become clearer gradually. Actually, these incidents are being planned to fade the celebratory atmosphere prevailing across the country by spreading panic,” said Hasan Mahmud.

 “The matter is under investigation and it will become clearer after getting a report. I personally believe there was sabotage behind it.”

Earlier, Association of Television Channel Owners (ATCO) leaders handed a memorandum with six demands: to stop online video broadcasting of newspapers, stop broadcasting news on IP TV, full implementation of clean feed, the launch TRP service, digitisation of cable network and impose a special tax on companies producing advertisements with foreign models.

The minister said, “The online versions of newspapers were registered on condition that they will only upload the contents of the newspaper. Online versions of newspapers and news portals don’t have legal approval to broadcast talk shows or bulletins.”

ATCO’s other written demands will be tested by the ministry, he added.

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