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Jatiya Party MPs criticise ‘govt inaction’ on loan defaulters, money launderers

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Two Jatiya Party lawmakers criticised the government for inaction against loan defaulters and money launderers during a general discussion on the proposed 2024-25 budget at the Jatiya Sangsad.

Jatiya Party co-chairman and reserved seat lawmaker Salma Islam called for a joint operation against the financial offenders, highlighting the Prime Minister's earlier success in managing the Covid-19 crisis but noting the increased struggle now. “A group of corrupt money launderers and bank robbers are responsible for this… those who have brought the country to the brink of destruction by corruption and abuse of power in various sectors. The government has now started to catch these big fish,” she said.

She lamented the lack of robust discussions in parliament regarding loan defaulters and those embezzling bank funds. “Everyone is tired, but the defaulters are not tired,” she added.

Expressing concerns about foreign conspiracies, she suggested that the democratic system in Bangladesh has weakened due to various factors, with powerful foreign entities exploiting the situation for their interests. "Although the Prime Minister has dared to tell the truth in public, the nation should be more worried now. Self-centered circles have once again deceived the country, pushing it towards conflict," she warned.

Jatiya Party lawmaker Golam Kibria Tipu also emphasized the need for decisive action against those responsible for the financial crisis, money laundering, and corruption. “The main problem of the country now is corruption. Due to its prevalence, syndicates have been formed in many offices. If corruption cannot be stopped, development will be disrupted,” he stated. Tipu further highlighted the emerging issue of youth gangs, describing it as an “epidemic.”

Additionally, AL reserved seat lawmaker Farida Yasmin supported the proposal to levy duties on lawmakers' cars, noting it was made with noble intentions. She pointed out that public representatives, including upazila chairmen and mayors, receive official vehicles. “Many MPs cannot afford to buy cars, but they need to travel around their areas. It's not a luxury; it's a necessity. There is no need to import the car if the government allocates one,” she explained.

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