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Khaleda Zia returns home from hospital

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BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia returned home on Wednesday evening from the capital's Evercare Hospital after staying there for three days for tests.

The BNP chief left the hospital at 5:30pm and reached her Gulshan residence around 6:45pm, said her media wing member Shamsuddin Didar, reports UNB.

"Madam (Khaleda) was admitted to the hospital for some tests as per the advice of her medical board. The tests were completed and the board discharged her from the hospital as her condition improved a little," said Dr AZM Zahid Hossain, a personal physician of the BNP chief.

He said the BNP chief will now receive treatment at home under the overall supervision of medical board.

Zahid said Khaleda urged the country’s people to pray for her recovery.

He said the medical board made some changes in her treatment after reviewing the reports of her latest medical tests at the hospital.

On Sunday night, Khaleda was admitted to Evercare Hospital for some more medical tests, six days after she had several tests in the same hospital.

On August 22, Khaleda underwent an echocardiogram, electrocardiogram (ECG), ultrasonography (USG), X-ray and blood tests after coronary angioplasty.

Reviewing the reports of those tests, the medical board recommended admitting the BNP chief to the hospital for some more tests.

Khaleda, a 77-year-old former prime minister, has been suffering from various ailments, including liver cirrhosis.

On June 10, the BNP chief suffered a heart attack due to a 95 percent block in her left artery and a stent was placed there by removing the blockage at the same hospital the following day.

Khaleda spent some time in Old Dhaka Central Jail as a lower court sentenced her to five years' imprisonment in the Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case on February 8, 2018. Later, she was found guilty in another corruption case the same year.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, the government temporarily freed Khaleda from jail through an executive order suspending her sentence on March 25, 2020, on conditions that she would stay at her Gulshan house, and would not leave the country.

The BNP chief was admitted to Evercare Hospital six times after she had tested positive for Covid in April 2021.

Khaleda's family submitted several applications to the government seeking permission to send her to an advanced centre abroad for the treatment of her multiple health complications, but the government has rejected it every time as she was convicted of corruption by the court in two cases.

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