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Obaidul Quader says BNP hatching plots to oust government

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Awami League (AL) General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Wednesday warned BNP leaders that the consequences of playing with fire will not be good.

The road transport and bridges minister issued the warning while speaking at a briefing at Setu Bhaban in the capital, reports BSS.

About the BNP's divisional rallies, Quader said the AL always welcomes any peaceful and democratic programme, but if any anarchy is created in the name of the movement, the ruling party will give a befitting reply along with the people aiming to protect their lives and properties.

The Awami League keeps patience but it is also prepared with caution on the streets, he added.

Blaming that the BNP is now hatching plots to oust the government in the name of the movement, sensing its defeat in polls, the AL general secretary said BNP is now daydreaming of a mass upsurge.

Mentioning that the BNP leaders have been showing the threat of mass upsurge and movement for the last 14 years, he said their threats are limited to media and Facebook, and the country's people know this very well.

Pointing out that the BNP leaders have no relations with reality, Quader said: "In fact, there is no such situation like a mass uprising in the country".

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