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Over 150 retired armed forces officers to work for AL

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More than 150 former officers of the armed forces expressed solidarity with the Awami League and pledged to work for the party’s victory in the upcoming national election.

The retired officers of Army, Navy and Air Force expressed their solidarity with the Awami League (AL) in presence of Prime Minister and AL President Sheikh Hasina at a function in Dhaka on Tuesday.

PM’s Security Adviser Major General (retd) Tariq Ahmed Siddiq, Ex-Principal Staff Officer of Armed Forces Division Lt Gen (retd) Abdul Wadud, Rear Admiral (retd) Harunur Rashid and Air Commodore (retd) Kazi Delwar Hossain also spoke on the occasion, reports BSS.

AL Presidium Member Lt. Col. (Retd.) Muhammad Faruq Khan, Joint Secretaries Jahangir Kabir Nanak and Abdur Rahman and Organizing Secretary AFM Bahauddin Nasim were present on the dais.

Earlier, the retired armed forces officers greeted the prime minister by presenting bouquets.

Of them, 109 were Army officers, 19 Navy officers and 18 are Air Force officers.

Among the army officers, three were lieutenant generals, 18 major generals, 19 brigadier generals, seven colonels and 20 lieutenant colonels.

Two of the Navy officers were rear admirals, seven commodores, six captains, while of the air force officers, one was air vice marshal, two were air commodores, eight group captains and seven wing commanders.

The retired Army officers include Brigadier General Nasir Uddin Ahmed (retd), Major General GH Morshed Khan (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Saiful Haque (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Azam (retd), Major General Kazi Ashfaque Ahmed (retd), Brigadier General Mohammad Hossain Sadeque (retd), Major Md Mohsin Sikder (retd), Brigadier General Mohammed Ali Mandal (retd), Major General Mohammed Ali (retd), Major General Shikder Md Shahabuddin (retd),

Brigadier General Md Mahmudul Haque (retd), Major General Alauddin Mohammed Abdul Wadud (retd), Major General AK Mohammed Ali Shikder (retd), Lieutenant General Abdul Wadud (retd), Colonel SM Shawkat Ali (retd), Brigadier General Md Abul Hashim Khan (retd), Lieutenant General Mollah Fazle Akbar (retd), Major General Md Rafiqul Alam (retd), Brigadier General MH Salahuddin (retd), Major General Md Abdur Rashid (retd), Colonel ATM Mesbah Uddin Serniabat (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Md Joynal Abedin (retd)

Brigadier General Md Rakibur Rahman (retd), Brigadier General Md Mominul Haque (retd), Major General Ashraf Abdullah Yusuf (retd), Major General Abdul Matin (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Mohammed Abdul Awal (retd), Brigadier General Md Habibur Rahman (retd), Lieutenant Colonel ATM Mohiuddin Serniabat (retd), Brigadier General Mohammed Selim (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Khondker Abdul Wahed (retd), Colonel Md Ainul Azim (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Fakir Mahbubur Rahman (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Sheikh Abidur Rahman (retd),

Lieutenant Colonel Md Sakhawat Hossain (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Syed Ariful Azam (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Md Razibul Islam (retd), Major Saif-ul-Alam Md Al Amin (retd), Major Samsuddin Ahmed Chowdhury (retd), Major General Mohammad Abul Hossain (retd), Brigadier General SM Iqbal Hossain (retd), Brigadier General Md Nurul Bashir (retd), Major General Md Abdus Salam Khan (retd), Brigadier General Md Nazrul Islam Sarker (retd), Colonel Md Awlad Hossain (retd), Major General Muhammad Imrul Kayes (retd), Major General Kazi Fakaruddin Ahmed (retd), Major General Md Zahidur Rahman, Lieutenant General Sabbir Ahmed (retd), Major General Md Salahuddin Miazi (retd), Major General Harunur Rashid (retd), Major Md Yusuf Hossain (retd), Captain Shawkat (retd), Captain Md Saiduzzaman Khan(retd), Major Masum Ahmed (retd), Major Md Ziaul Ahsan Sarwar (retd), Captain Sheikh Ehsan Reza (retd),

Lieutenant Colonel Anisul Haque Mridha, Major Raisul Islam (retd), Lieutenant Gulshan Ara Mukta (retd), Major Khandker Hasan Bahlul (retd), Major Irfanul Bari (retd), Major Md Mahmudul Haque Khan (retd), Major SM Mainul Hasan (retd), Major Jahangir (retd), Major Imran (retd), Major Muhammad Anwarul Islam (retd), Major Poritosh Kumar Roy (retd), Lieutenant Colonel SM Iqbal Alam (retd), Colonel AJM Bazlul Haque (retd), Major Banamali Roy (retd), Brigadier General Shah Md Mohiuddin, Major Md Sana Ullah Miah (retd), Major Md Mohsin Talukder (retd), Major Md Abdul Latif Hawlader (retd), Major ATM Abdul Halim (retd), Major Md Abdul Baker Sikder (retd), Major Md Masudul Alam (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Abdun Nur Khan (retd), Colonel Md Shah Alam (retd), Lieutenant Colonel GM Jamayet Hossain (retd), Major Md Selim Hasan (retd), Colonel AFM Ahmed Ullah Imam Khan (retd), Major Mohammed Abu Taher (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Forkan Ahmed (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Md Ramjan Ali Sarker (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Mirza Harun-ar-Rashid (retd), Captain Md Manjurul Haque (retd), Brigadier General AKM Shafiul Mawla (retd), Major Md Delwar Hossain Khan (retd), Lieutenant Colonel AKM Nazimul Islam, Brigadier General Md Abul Kalam Azad (retd), Major SM Golam Mostafa Benjir (retd), Major Md Jasim Uddin (retd), Major Md Abul Kalam Mridha (retd), Major Khandker Abdul Hafiz (retd), Major Sarwar Imran Mahmud (retd), Lieutenant Kaniz Fatema (retd), Major Md Mobashirul Ibad (retd), Brigadier General Md Shajahan (retd), Lieutenant Colonel Kaniz Fatema Sultana, Major Md Rezaul Karim (retd), Major Sheikh Wasiuzzaman Lelin, Brigadier General Md Tozammel Haque (retd), Major Md Abu Sayeed (retd), Lieutenant Md Jabed Hossain (retd), Major General Muhammed Ferdous Mia (retd), Brigadier General Md Masud Hossain (retd).

The retired Navy officers:

Rear Admiral Abul Kalam Mohammad Azad (retd), Rear Admiral Hurun-ur-Rashid (retd), Commodore Obaidul Haque (retd), Commodore M Ziaul Ahsan Sheikh (retd), Commodore Abdul Mamin Miah (retd), Captain M Shahdat Hossain (retd), Rear Admiral ASM Abdul Awal, Commodore AW Chowdhury (retd), Commodore Kazi Emdadul Haque (retd), Instructor Captain Abdul Jabbar (retd), Instructor Captain M Moslehuddin (retd), Instructor Commander Haridas Saha (retd), Commodore SS Nizam (retd), Captain Mamtaz Uddin Ahmed (retd), Commodore M Samsul Kabir (retd), Lieutenant Commander M Jalal Uddin,(retd), Bir Uttam, Captain Mahmudul Haque Chowdhury (retd), Captain Patwary Zahir Ullah (retd), Captain Maksudur Rahman and Captain M Emdadul Haque (retd).

The retired Air Force Officers:

Air Vice Marshal (retd) Kazi Nazrul Haque (retd), Air Commodore Kazi Delwar Hossain (retd), Air Commodore Mostak Ahmed (retd), Group Captain Mujahidul Islam (retd), Group Captain Mohammad Khurshid Alam Chowdhury, Group Captain (retd) NIM Ferdous Hossain, Group Captain M Abdur Rashid Khan (retd), Group Captain Mohammed Alamgir (retd), Group Captain Md Yunus Chowdhury (retd), Group Captain Mohammed Idris Ali (retd), Group Captain (retd) Rafiqul Islam (retd), Wing Commander Kazi Munirul Islam (retd), Wing Commander M Mostafizur Rahman (retd), Wing Commander AKM Kamal Uddin (retd), Wing Commander M Alauddin Mandal (retd), Wing Commander M Anwarul Haque (retd), Wing Commander Khandker AFM Mohibullah (retd), Wing Commander Ismail Hossain Siraji (retd) and Major Toslima Ferdous (retd).

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