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Private practice at public hospitals to destroy health sector: Khandaker Mosharraf

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BNP senior leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Tuesday alleged that the government’s decision to allow private practice in public hospitals is tantamount to destroying the health sector.

 “Already the health care services in the government hospitals are in crisis. Amid such a situation, the scope for private practice from 3pm to 6pm by paying fees is tantamount to destroying the health system,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, Mosharraf, a former health minister, also alleged that the government has taken the move to make the pockets of the pro-ruling party physicians heavier, reports UNB.

He said, "You have seen a circular regarding allowing the private practice of public hospital doctors in their respective workplaces after 3pm from March 30. Politicisation is here too as such an exceptional step has been taken to create additional opportunities for the ruling party doctors.”

The BNP leader thinks this move will not bring anything good and welfare to the patients. “The common people now won’t get any service in the public hospitals and they will be forced to visit doctors providing fees after 3pm.”

Doctors’ Association of Bangladesh (DAB), a platform of pro-BNP physicians, arranged the discussion titled “The Falling Health System even after 52 Years of Independence” at the Jatiya Press Club, marking the 53rd Independence Day.

Earlier on Monday, Health and family welfare minister Zahid Maleque said the private practice of the public hospital physicians after 3pm will run primarily only in 10 district hospitals and 20 upazila health complexes across the country from Thursday (Mar 30).

The government has also fixed Tk 500 as consultation fee for professors, Tk 400 for associate professors, Tk 300 for assistant professors and Tk 200 for MBBS doctors.

Mosharraf, also a standing committee member of BNP, said the current government from top to bottom has been plunged into corruption. “A group of ruling party leaders are spreading corruption to be richer.  That's why research shows that the rate of inequality between the rich and the poor in Bangladesh is the highest in the world.”

He said a quarter of business people, and those in administration and police are taking advantage of the current corrupt system in the country for making money. “So, now the private practice arrangement has been taken to give additional opportunities to the ruling party-supported doctors. It won’t benefit the people."

The BNP leader said the government has destroyed all the institutions and all sectors through politicisation, corruption and plundering.

“The backs of the country’s people have been pushed against the wall. They (people) think this government can't fix anything and can't resolve any problem. Those who killed democracy can’t restore democracy. Those who ruined the economy can’t repair it. Those who destroyed the health system can’t reform the health system accordingly,” he observed.

Mosharraf urged the people from all walks of life to get united to create a mass upsurge to establish a pro-people government by ousting the current regime.

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