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Quader accuses BNP of ‘complaining too much’

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Road Transport & Bridges Minister and Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader has said that bringing various allegations over any election is BNP's old habit.

According to him, "BNP used to play their broken recorder of allegations whenever any election comes. They're doing the same thing over the Rangpur (city polls)."

He came up with the comments Sunday while reacting to BNP's different allegations over Rangpur polls.

The minister was speaking after the inauguration of BRTC Gabtoli Bus Depot. He said BNP is losing its political integrity by bringing pointless allegations over the polls. "The election won't be questionable with BNP's unnecessary allegations. Rather, BNP's goodwill and credibility will come into question."

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi at a programme on Friday alleged that the Election Commission has been playing a silent role though the ruling party and its alliance mayoral candidates are repeatedly violating the election code of conduct.

Trashing Rizvi's allegation, Quader assured the voters of Rangpur city that a fair and neutral election will be held there like that of Narayanganj and Comilla ones.

He said the EC will work independently to ensure a proper election atmosphere so that people can cast their ballots as per their wish. "The government will cooperate with the Commission in ensuring such atmosphere."

The minister also said there will be no interference in the election by the government.

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