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Those who are in power with others’ help can’t rule Bangladesh: Fakhrul

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Slamming the foreign minister for seeking India’s 'support' to prop up Sheikh Hasina's government, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday said those who stay in power at the mercy of others have no right to rule Bangladesh.

“The current government does not believe in the independence and sovereignty of the country and they’re giving proof of this one after another. When the people of Bangladesh feel proud to identify themselves as an independent (nation), then the foreign minister sought help from the Indian government to keep Sheikh Hasina in power,” he said.

Speaking at a human chain programme, Fakhrul said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen’s comment has manifested that the Awami League government has been in power with the help of the Indian government, reports UNB.

He said the foreign minister gave an explanation of his statement on Friday but did not budge from his position and he reaffirmed what he said earlier.

 “So we have to clearly say that those who stay in power at the mercy of others have no right to rule this country. They have no right to run the government of this country,” the BNP leader said.

University Teachers' Association of Bangladesh (UTAB) arranged the program protesting the load shedding, hikes in the prices of fuel and essential commodities and political repression.

Earlier at a Janmashtami programme in Chattogram on Thursday, Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen reportedly said that he urged the Indian government to back Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina so that she can stay in power.

Accusing the government of indulging in widespread plundering, Fakhrul said this regime has got isolated from the country’s people. “They’ve already turned Bangladesh into a failed state."

He said the country is facing various problems as Awami League is in power. “This is the root cause of our all crisis. Awami League has been staying in power by force using the state machinery without voting and without being elected.”

 “It’s now our sacred duty to wage a movement together with people to remove this fascist government that is destroying Bangladesh and establish a real government of people,” the BNP leader said.

Fakhrul said their party is not now thinking about any election as a movement is the only option to oust the current government. “Now our only demand is the resignation of this regime.”

He called upon the university teachers to get united to wage a strong anti-government movement. “It’s now your (teachers’) duty to awaken all the intellectuals, conscious people and the youth to take part in the movement. “

The BNP leader alleged that the government has completely destroyed the education system and higher education through politicisation and appointing worthless and flatterers as the VCs to different universities.

He bemoaned that the lives of common people have become miserable due to the various exploitive decisions of the government. “The prices of rice, pulses, oil and vegetables have increased to such an extent that it has become impossible for the common and low-income people to survive.”

Fakhrul said the elite plunderers, including Awami League leaders at different levels, their ministers and some bureaucrats, are only now having a good time as they are amassing huge wealth by looting public money in the name of different projects.

He alleged that people now cannot freely express their opinion while journalists cannot write freely due to the Digital Security Act and the interference by intelligence agencies. “Everything is controlled here by these illegal government’s intelligence agencies. It can never be a democratic country. Awami League must be held accountable for making Bangladesh a failed state.”

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