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‘Transforming country into Smart Bangladesh to be a fitting tribute to martyrs’

Says Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed

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Transforming country into “Smart Bangladesh” can be a fitting tribute to the millions of martyrs, Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed has conveyed.

In a post on his verified Facebook profile, he wrote: “Our ancestors made their ultimate sacrifice to allow us to breathe and grow in an independent country, our motherland Bangladesh.”

“Ironically, years after our independence these anti liberation forces, who colluded with Pakistan Army to prevent the birth of our country, grabbed state power. During their rule, an all-out state sponsored attempt had been unleashed to wipe out the ideals and legacies of our blood-soaked freedom,” the post reads, reports UNB.

“But with bravery, we have overcome such evil forces braving a sea of obstacles.”

“Importantly, we still have a long path ahead to make our nation more prosperous and developed one. Now the Awami League led government has put up a tireless fight to help the economy grow despite global headwinds.”

“Like her father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who united the entire nation for freedom, breaking the wall of caste and creed, Sheikh Hasina is also trying her best to earn economic emancipation for her people.

“Marking this Independence Day let’s take a pledge — Together we will take this land to a newer height — transforming it into Smart Bangladesh.”

“Let it be our glowing tribute to millions of war heroes who gave their lives and war heroines who were violated by Pakistan Army with local collaborators,” Sajeeb Wazed wrote.

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