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Waterlogging in Dhaka an outcome of unplanned mega projects: Mirza Fakhrul

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BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said the government's unplanned mega projects caused the waterlogging in parts of the capital and the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway in the wake of heavy rains caused by Cyclone Sitrang.

"I came here facing a lot of difficulties as Uttara road was closed today (Tuesday). The DMP Commissioner issued a circular not to use this road,” he said while speaking at an event on Tuesday, according to UNB.

The BNP leader said the road from the airport to Gazipur is no longer passable due to the rains caused by Cyclone Sitrang.  “This is the result of the unplanned mega projects. This waterlogging has been created because of their (govt’s) mega projects.”

Fakhrul said the nation is passing through a terrible time as the government has obliterated democracy by snatching people’s voting and all other rights.

He said they participated in the Liberation War in 1971 with the goal of establishing a democratic Bangladesh ensuring people’s all rights.

The BNP leader bemoaned that Awami League has first destroyed the spirit of the Liberation War by establishing a one-party rule, snatching people’s democratic rights, and shutting down newspapers in 1975. “In the same way, they again took away people’s rights. We have to overcome this situation with great patience, with great courage and we have to win.”

He said the current constitution should be amended further to materialise the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the Liberation War.

The BNP leader said the ruling party has annulled the caretaker government provision, which had been introduced for ensuring a way for the peaceful transfer of power, by amending the constitution. “So, this system must be restored by amending the constitution.

"We'll constitute a constitutional commission if we can win the polls with the people's mandate. We’ll scrap all the undemocratic and anti-people things that have been incorporated in the constitution…we’ll try to come up with a truly time-befitting constitution based on what the people need,” Fakhrul said.

The BNP leader said he thinks the current constitution of the country has failed to fulfil the aspirations of the people. “The constitution should be based on what the people of this country want.”

Fakhrul urged the journalists to play a role in turning Bangladesh into a very progressive country creating an environment for exercising freedom of expression and free thought and ensuring equality and justice in the true sense. Continue the role that you have played in the past to make Bangladesh a welfare state having justice and humane values.”


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