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Potters in Kalmakanda face hard times

| Updated: December 02, 2020 23:42:31

A woman making pots at Kalmakanda in Netrakona — FE Photo A woman making pots at Kalmakanda in Netrakona — FE Photo

Potters in Netrokona’s Kalmakanda have been facing hard times, as they cannot earn as before for a decent living.

Prices of clay soil, the raw material in making pots, have become high largely reducing their profit margin, they say.

Moreover, metal, aluminum and plastic pots now dominate the market, almost driving out the clay ones, they add.

According to them, many of them have already lost interest in the production as they find it not profitable enough to lead a decent living.

Bharti Rani Pal, a potter from the upazila (sub-district)’s Teligao village, says “It used to cost Tk 200 to bring a boat of soil. Now it costs Tk 500. Besides, it has become difficult to get clay soil”.

“I make pots and pans and bring them to Palpara market every day and sell them. The profit is very low – Tk 300 to Tk 500

“Despite such profit, I have been in this profession as I do not know there is any other where I can earn better.”

Potters in the district’s Kalmakanda are generally Hindus, from the Pala community.

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