Pulse cultivation on rise in Panchagarh

| Updated: January 07, 2018 11:55:30

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Hundreds of farmers in Panchagarh are showing interest in cultivating different varieties of pluses due to their lucrative market price.

According to the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) office sources, the farming of pulses has gained popularity across the district since 2015.

Around 350 hectares of land have been brought under the cultivation of black gram (Mashkalai) this season while 150 hectares under red lentil (Masoor) cultivation, 120 hectares under yellow lentil (Kheshari) cultivation and 160 hectares under Sesame seeds (Til) and pea cultivation, said DAE sources.

Owing to the satisfactory market price and favourable weather conditions, the farmers in the region are getting engaged in cultivating pulses, reports BSS.

Local agricultural officials have been providing necessary suggestion to the growers on the latest technology to increase the overall production, sources added.

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