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Quarantine beds prepared, doctors’ teams formed in district hospitals to treat coronavirus patients

Kit shortage to confirm virus alleged, number of home quarantined people increases

| Updated: March 19, 2020 10:52:34

Mymensingh District Administration prepares a 30-bed unit at the Charanchal 20-bed Hospital, about 18-km away from the district town (left), Cumilla Shishupark closed under the precautionary measures for the coronavirus (right) — FE Photos Mymensingh District Administration prepares a 30-bed unit at the Charanchal 20-bed Hospital, about 18-km away from the district town (left), Cumilla Shishupark closed under the precautionary measures for the coronavirus (right) — FE Photos

Massive preparations have been taken in Mymensingh district to combat the spread of coronavirus.

A quarantine unit has been set up at Paranganj Hospital, about 18 km away from the city's SK hospital, under the initiative of the Mymensingh District Administration and the District Civil Surgeon's Office.

Besides, preparations are afoot to fight the Corona virus in every Upazila Health Complex in the district, the civil surgeon's office said.

Mymensingh district civil surgeon Mosiur Alam said a total of 12 persons, including the doctors, have been recruited to run medical tests to those who are coming from India to Bangladesh through the Gobarakura and Koroitali land ports at Haluaghat Upazila, on the outskirts of Mymensingh.

Special medical apron being shown at the Faridpur Medical College and Hospital — FE Photo

He said thirty beds have been kept ready by the isolation ward at SK Hospital in the city. They have the ability to treat up to 60 patients.

Thirty quarantine beds have been prepared at Paranganj Hospital, 18 km from the city, for seriously corona-affected patients.

Also, up to five beds have been prepared for coronavirus-affected patients at each upazila health complex in the district.

Doctors are going house to house to advise who has returned from foreign country.

A team of doctors has been constituted in each upazila.

Mymensingh Deputy Commissioner said, "We have already taken several measures to combat coronavirus."

Mymensingh City Corporation informed people are being made aware of the government's directives. They also said people were being alerted to postpone various events of large scale public gathering.

Meanwhile, some 29 immigrants have been placed in the home quarantine. Among them, there are 12 in Nandail, six in Goforgaon, six in Phulpur, three in Phulbaria and two in Mymensingh Sadar.

Mymensingh Civil Surgeon Dr ABM Mosiul Alam said all of them are well, healthy. For extra vigilance they have been placed at the home quarantine under the supervision of the Department of Health. They are being regularly monitored. In the last three days, 21 people have arrived in Mymensingh, including four from Italy, two from Spain, two from the United States, six from Saudi Arabia and six from Malaysia.

Our Faridpur Correspon-dent states: In Shariatpur, 210 returnees from abroad have been placed at the home quarantine to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19). Civil Surgeon of Shariatpur Dr SM Abdullah Al Murad confirmed the matter after visiting various upazilas.

Of the 210 quarantined, 27 are in Shariatpur Sadar, 83 in Nariya, 37 in Damudda, 20 in Jajira, 35 in Vedarganj and eight in Goshairhat upazilas.

Moreover, some 129 people have been asked for home quarantine in Madaripur.

Madaripur civil surgeon Md Shafiqul Islam confirmed the matter to journalists.

He said a total of 129 people were ordered to be kept at home quarantine on suspicion of coronavirus. Strict legal action will be taken against those who refuse to go to home quarantine. Those who disobey the order, the upazila health officials will imprison them by mobile court and fine them.

In Rajbari, some 20 families have been kept at home quarantine to take into consideration the health of the people in increasing the transmission of the coronavirus.

Civil Surgeon Nurul Islam of Rajbari said till Tuesday afternoon, 20 migrants from Italy, Korea, China and India and all their family members were kept at home quarantine.

In Faridpur district, four people have been placed at the home quarantine. They recently returned from Italy and France. Faridpur Health Department confirmed the information.

Our Rajshahi correspondent adds: People of Rajshahi are facing the risk of being attacked with coronavirus since there is no available kit to check the virus and no Thermal Scanner to measure body temperature anywhere in the district.

There is also no activity of creating mass awareness about the fatality of the virus from any organisation excepting introduction of separate Coronavirus Unit and formation of a number of committees to deal with the virus infested patients.

Authorities of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital have already kept 30-bed ready at the Infectious Disease Hospital and decision has also been taken to turn three stadiums of the city as Quarantine centres for treating and sheltering Corona patients.

Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Hamidul Haque said people arriving in Rajshahi from abroad or from outside Rajshahi are under increased vigilance. If any person seems to carry the virus, s/he will be kept in isolation for testing.

Our Naogaon Correspondent writes: A total of 88 persons who returned from different countries including Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have been kept at home quarantine in the district to prevent the coronovirus spread.

Among them, nine persons in Naogaon Sadar upazila, two in Raninagar, 13 in Badalgachhi, eight in Mohadevpur, 24 in Atrai, two in Manda, one in Dhamoirhat, two in Patnitala, five in Niamatpur, 22 in Sapahar. However, no coronavirus patient has been detected yet in the district.

Dr AM Akhtaruzzaman, district civil surgeon confirmed the matter to the newsmen on Tuesday noon.

He said all the 88 quarantined people are in good health condition. They have been instructed to stay at home for next fourteen days and they are being observed round the clock by the health officials.

Our Tangail Correspon-dent adds: An Isolation Unit has been opened at Tangail General Hospital for treatment of coronavirus-affected patients.

Residential Medical officer Dr Md Shafiql Islam Shajib said, "We opened an Isolation Unit but there is no adequate manpower for medicare service"

Meanwhile, a 14-member monitoring team has been formed at the civil surgeon office to observed overall coronavirus situation in the district, civil surgeon office sources said.

A total of six person in Tangail have been placed in the family quarantine. The entire six have recently returned from abroad. Till now no coronavirus symptom has found in their body, civil surgeon Tangail Dr. Mohammed Wahiduzzaman informed.

Our Cumilla Corres-pondent adds: According to government directives to prevent the spread of coronavirus, children's park and urban park (Dharmasagarpar) have been declared closed indefinitely in Cumilla.

On Tuesday, Cumilla City Corporation Mayor Monirul Haque Sakku ordered the closure of the main gateway of these places.

Meanwhile, other public and private parks in Cumilla have also been closed as a precautionary measure as the outbreak of the coronavirus increases. Apart from this, the gate of the Eidgah ground in Cumilla city was also locked to avoid public meetings.

The information was confirmed by Cumilla City Corporation Mayor Monirul Haque Sakku on Tuesday afternoon.

Meanwhile, 182 people from various places in Cumilla district have been placed at home quarantine. This information was confirmed by Cumilla District Civil Surgeon Dr Md Neatuzzaman on Tuesday.

Civil surgeon said, "We are collecting data from the whole district everyday and publish it later. So far, we have placed 182 people in the home quarantine of 17 upazilas and one in the city corporation area.

He further said, "We know through various means that some people are not exactly obeying our instructions. We are also investigating them. If they disobey our instructions, strict action will be taken against them."

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