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Random cattle slaughter, health rules defiance mark Eid in Dhaka

| Updated: August 02, 2020 14:31:00

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Random cattle slaughter, health rules defiance mark Eid in Dhaka

Muslims in Dhaka have slaughtered cattle in their garages or the streets in front of their homes during Eid-ul-Azha this year like in the past, with few using the designated places for animal sacrifice.

Many showed little or no interest in wearing masks or maintaining physical distance during the slaughter on Friday in defiance of government orders to follow the safety protocols amid a coronavirus outbreak, reports bdnews24.com.

It was a familiar sight of civic apathy at Nawabpur Road, Ray Saheb Bazar, Tanti Bazar, Bangshal, Nimtoli, Hazaribagh, Dhanmondi, Bangla Motor, Eskaton, Mouchak, Khilgaon, Goran, Banasree, Banani Bazar, Chholamaid, Sayeednagar and many other areas.

Abul Khaleque, a resident of Nawabpur Road, was visibly distraught when this correspondent asked him why they were flouting the health guidance designed to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.

 “What kind of question is this? Is it possible to slaughter cattle wearing masks? We are sacrificing animals in the name of Allah. Nothing will happen to us,” he shot back.

Some others, wearing masks, were preparing for slaughter there. “Actually not everyone fears infection. You can’t force all to practise the protocols,” one of them said.

Enamul Habib of Ray Saheb Bazar complained of a lack of suitable environment for animal sacrifice at the place designated by the city corporation when asked why he was slaughtering cattle in the street.

The residents of English Road and North South Road were busy removing the waste after cattle slaughter.

Faruk Ahmed from Aloo Bazar said they brought his cow for sacrifice on the road because they do not have enough space outside their home. “We are careful so that the solid waste materials don’t end up in the drains,” he said.

Tamanna Rahman of Moneshwar Road arranged the slaughter at a farm. She said her neighbours did not heed her advice to have the sacrifice at farms like she did.

 “No one was wearing masks during the sacrifice in my area,” she lamented.

Iqbal Khandaker of Central Road said waste materials from slaughtered cattle piled up in front of his home. “I don’t know when the city corporation workers will remove the waste. We can’t even open the windows due to the foul stench,” he said.

No preparations for cattle slaughter were visible at the designated place under ward-39 near Noorerchala Mosque at 11am.

 “Who would they bring their cattle this far and wait in queue? It’s better to slaughter the cattle outside the home,” said Ismail Hossain, a resident of the neighbourhood.

Masud Hossain, a regional chief executive of Dhaka North City Corporation, said it would take time for the Dhakaites to get used to the “new” practice of slaughtering cattle at designated places.

The city corporation workers were quickly removing the waste whenever informed, he claimed.

Mizanur Rahman, the Dhaka South City Corporation executive, said they were working to keep the words of the mayor to remove the waste within 24 hours.

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