River devours 100m of Bangabandhu Bridge guide dam

FE Online Report | Published: September 03, 2017 16:07:46 | Updated: October 24, 2017 11:39:52

Another 100m of the guide embankment of the Bangabandhu Bridge disappeared into the river on Saturday. It was the fourth time the erosion took place, according to an online news portal.

Earlier during the third time of erosion 400m of the area was devoured by the river.

Now the people in the area are passing their days in anxiety.

The erosion of the guide embankment for four times diverted the flow of the Jamuna. It left at least 15 homesteads in the Gorilabari area of Kalihati eroded.

The locals blamed sand lifting in the area over the last one decade for the river erosion.

The locals said the erosion of the guide embankment threatened the Bangabandhu bridge. Besides, the seven villages, namely Gorilabari, Beltia, Alipur, Burupbari, Poulir Char, Dougati and Beripatal, risk being devoured by the river.

Engineer Wasim Ali, who is assigned for the bridge, said they were monitoring the situation. Geo bags were being dropped for the time being to protect the river bank. With the water receding, permanent measures would be taken, he added.

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