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Safe shelters for birds declining

Migratory birds flying around the Patrokhola Lake in Komolganj upazila of Moulvibazar — FE Photo
Migratory birds flying around the Patrokhola Lake in Komolganj upazila of Moulvibazar — FE Photo

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Although winter is gone, the chilly season's vibe is still going on in some places of Bangladesh. Several wetlands are still housing various kinds of migratory waterfowls as well as native species even in spring.

Patrokhola Lake in Komolganj upazila under Moulvibazar district has turned into a sanctuary of visiting birds with a good number of aquatic birds in groups. Locals said that the authorities concerned should take measures to make the area a safe haven for the visiting birds.

Meanwhile, the number of birds is significantly declining in Naogaon district because safe shelters for birds are gradually decreasing in the district.

In Sylhet, Patrokhola Lake gets a different look with the chirming birds and their movement around it. It is a natural site for them by now as there are water lilies in the lake covered by hillocks of tea garden.

Travelling thousands of miles, the birds reach the site during winter every year. These include various species like locally-called Kalkot, Pankouri, Dhonesh, Machrangbhuti, Sada (white Bock), Lal (red) Bock, Johurau etc.

A number of locals urged the visitors not to disturb the birds, especially the visiting ones. The habitat should be kept safe for them, the locals said.

Faizur Rahman, among a group members from Srimangal who came to visit the site last week, said, "The tea garden management, forest department and local leaders should take measures to make the area a safe haven for the birds".

In Naogaon, as secure shelters for birds are decreasing in the district, birds are significantly declining here. There is also a lack of adequate number of sanctuaries for birds in the district.

Local sources said, "An initiative was taken by the Deputy Commissioner's Office in 2018 aiming to create safe shelters for birds through hanging clay pots on the trees in different upazilas of the district."

"Magpie, doves, weavers and other birds started to make those pots their nests. But months after installation, most of the clay pots were broken due to lack of proper care," the sources added.

President of Naogaon Biodiversity, Wildlife and River Conservation Association Yunusur Rahman said, "The initiative to save birds by setting up clay pots on the trees could not succeed."

"In fact, as birds are completely dependent on natural way of living, the artificial nests do not attract them to live in," he said adding "Indiscriminate cutting of trees is key reason behind homelessness of birds."

President of Mohadevpur Pran O Prokriti Sangho Kazi Nazmul Hossain said, "Making artificial nests for birds is not always effective to save them, instead we should stop hunting birds, plant more trees and run awareness campaign among mass people, which will result in an increase in both habitat and biodiversity."

Alpana Yasmin, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO), Badalgachhi, said, "It is our responsibility to protect birds, specially the rare species, from extinction."

"As the previous attempt was failed, we will take further measures in this regard soon in association with the local representatives," she added.

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