Seeking info of Bangladeshis Swiss account: Momen thrashes Swiss envoy’s comment

| Updated: August 12, 2022 14:20:27

Momen dismisses Swiss envoy’s comment as ‘lie’

Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen on Thursday said that Swiss Ambassador in Dhaka Nathalie Chuard has lied by saying that Bangladesh had not sought information about Swiss bank accounts of Bangladeshis from Switzerland.

 “After going through her comments, I have talked to the governor of Bangladesh Bank and the finance secretary and both of them informed me that they had sought information about Bangladeshi deposits in the Swiss banks but the Swiss authority did not respond” Dr Momen said.

The foreign minister also said that he had requested the Bangladesh Bank Governor to make a statement to remove the confusion.

Asked whether the foreign ministry would ask the Swiss envoy about her statement, the foreign minister said, let the governor of the Bangladesh Bank make the statement about it.

“After that, the ministry may proceed” he added.

On Wednesday, Swiss envoy in Dhaka, Nathalie Chuard said Bangladesh has not made any request to the Swiss government regarding any specific funding.

She said this when asked whether Switzerland would provide information about money laundered to the Swiss banks by Bangladeshis.

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