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Shipra to file case over social media photos

| Updated: August 21, 2020 20:38:05

Shipra to file case over social media photos

Shipra Debnath, an associate of retired army major Sinha Md Rashed Khan who was shot dead by the police in Cox’s Bazar more than two weeks ago, will sue those who made her personal photos and videos public on social media.

“Those who spread my photos on social media and demeaned me socially will be sued,” she said

Shipra was expected to file a case under the Digital Security Act with the court or the Cox’s Bazar Police Station on Monday.

When asked who will be named in the case, Shipra said those who distorted the photos and disseminated those images will be named in the case.

Shipra, a student of Film and Media Studies at Stamford University in Dhaka, met Sinha while travelling to Tanguar Haor one and a half years ago.

After they made friends, they decided to make a travel documentary. They opened a YouTube channel and Facebook page called ‘Just Go’ and began to make a documentary.

A group of four, including Shipra’s classmates Shahadul Islam Sefat and Tahsin Rifat Noor, went to Cox’s Bazar in July. Sefat and Noor were there to help with shooting and editing.

Sinha was shot dead by the police in Teknaf on the night of July 31. Police, however, said they acted in self-defence when he brandished a pistol after obstructing a search of his vehicle at the checkpoint at Shamlapur along the Cox's Bazar-Teknaf Marine Drive.

Shipra and Sefat were arrested after Sinha’s death. Later, they were released on bail.

After Sinha’s death ignited public anger, a documentary made by them became viral. As that video was not posted by them, Shipra uploaded a video in their channel ‘Just Go’ to nurture their dream. A series of ‘indecent’ remarks followed after the video post.

Shipra’s younger brother Shubhojit Kumar Debnath said: “Shipra’s personal photos and videos were posted on social media. All of us are traumatised over it.”

“It’s an invisible social sabotage for us; we feel insecure.”

“My sister is an adult. Is it appropriate to demean her? People should respect others, especially women.”

“My sister didn’t post those photos on Facebook. Then why are they assassinating her character by posting personal photos? What are they up to?” Shubhojit said, reports bdnews24.com.

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