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Singapore, Romania to recruit 12,000 Bangladeshi workers

| Updated: February 22, 2021 20:29:21

Singapore, Romania to recruit 12,000 Bangladeshi workers

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen has said Singapore and Romania will recruit a total of 12,000 workers from Bangladesh soon.

The minister gave the information while talking to the journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

He described the development as a very good news in the wake of uncertainty in the overseas job market.

“We were worried as the job market in the Middle East was volatile due to COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries started deporting foreign workers. So the opportunity opened up in Singapore and Romania is really a good news for us,” he said.

The minister said that Romania wants to employ Bangladeshis in their Halal meat factories as they are exporting Halal meat to some European countries like Germany and France.

The foreign minister also noted that after the verdict of the case in connection with the murder of a Bangladeshi female worker in Saudi Arabia, the torture on female workers will be decreased.

"We pursued the case seriously and we are happy that we get justice. The perpetrators got appropriate punishment,” the minister said adding that this verdict will give a signal to other employers in that country.

Saudi Arabia recruits largest number of Bangladeshi women most of whom are working as domestic help.

Presently over 320,000 women are working there out of total 600,000 Bangladeshi expatriate female workers.

He also commented that the government is against suspending the recruitment of Bangladeshi women overseas.

Many quarters have demanded to stop the recruitment of Bangladeshi women overseas as some of them fell victim to torture.

“As our constitution gives equal rights to both men and women, we cannot stop this opportunity for females. Moreover we are in favour of addressing the issue of torture instead of suspending the process” he said.

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