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Sweden to help Bangladesh fight climate change

| Updated: October 21, 2021 19:41:25

Sweden to help Bangladesh fight climate change

Sweden will help Bangladesh on issues related to renewable energy, reduction of greenhouse gas, salinity intrusion, development activities and climate change adaptation, and mitigation efforts.

Swedish Ambassador to Bangladesh Alexander Berg von Linde made the assurance on Thursday.

She expressed her firm commitment to work together on these issues at a bilateral meeting held at the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change with the Environment Minister Md Shahab Uddin in the chair.

They also discussed cooperation with Bangladesh in some other areas, including ecosystem management, sustainable environment, and conservation of biodiversity and tackling the effects of climate change in Bangladesh.

The environment minister said his ministry has submitted enhanced NDC, finalising NAP, Bangabandhu Climate Prosperity Plan.

He also said Bangladesh is doing its best to make COP26 a success. Bangladesh will raise its voice to provide US$100 billion to developing countries annually by the rich countries.

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