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Three Lalmonirhat families face social boycott over land dispute

| Updated: May 25, 2021 17:16:06

Photo shows the members of the victim families at Sheknapara under Khuniagach union of Lalmonirhat sadar upazila — FE Photo Photo shows the members of the victim families at Sheknapara under Khuniagach union of Lalmonirhat sadar upazila — FE Photo

Three families of a village have been boycotted by other villagers at Sheknapara under Khuniagach union of sadar upazila, Lalmonirhat, for nearly six months. Family members can't enjoy any social programmes or other normal activities due to boycotting by other members of the community.

The victim families already prayed to the local administration seeking help and to look into the matter immediately. Visiting the village on Friday noon it was leant that there was a family enmity over a land dispute between the two families of Sheknapara also known as Dhoni Tari village for long.

The village is situated on the bank of Teesta river of Khuniagach union under Lalmonirhat sadar upazila. Most farmers of the village are very well off with their produced paddy. They have enough cultivable land and are living a very sound life with their produced crops.

Ishahak Ali (72), Emad Uddin (52), Reajul Islam (50) are the inhabitants of the village. Abdul Matin is the nephew of Ishahak Ali. They are all close neighbour. Ishahak Ali alleged that there is the previous enmity over the land dispute with his nephew Abdul Matin for long. Following the issue, the villagers don't mingle with them for the last six months. Even their children can't play with the children of other families.

They can't enjoy any social gatherings or any programme due to this boycotting. The victim families alleged against Abdul Matin's family for it. The boycotting announcement has come from their local Mosque Baitun Makam by the instruction of Abdul Matin, they alleged. Moulavi Keramat Ali Muajjin of the mosque admitted the fact when asked.

Abdul Matin denied the allegation against him of any boycotting but he said that there is a long-standing land dispute between two families. Rather he alleged that many of the villagers don't talk with them due to their attitude.

When the chairman of the union, Amirul Islam asked he told that UNO of Lalmonirhat asked him to look into the matter and to solve it immediately, "I am trying to settle it", he added

Uttom Kumar Roy, UNO of sadar upazila said being informed "I have already talked with the families and directed the chairman concerned to solve the problem".

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