Traders witnessing record sales in Rangpur Eid markets

Published: June 01, 2019 17:14:17 | Updated: June 02, 2019 18:18:26

Traders are witnessing record sales as hundreds of people thronging different markets in the city ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr festivity.

Leaders of different trade bodies said Eid shopping has reached at the highest peak amid tight security measures at all markets, shopping malls, complexes, centres and makeshifts markets, reports BSS.

Businesspersons said selling of Eid items has marked an all-time record despite higher prices this year following continuous improvement in economic conditions of common people.

Currently, markets have worn festive looks with rushing men, women, girls, boys, adolescents, students and youths for buying Eid items and their movements have created traffic jam in the city.

Rangpur Metropolitan Police has tightened security measures and launched special road traffic systems to enable rushing people marketing easily without any untoward incident in the city.

Members of law enforcement agencies, including police, Rapid Action battalion (RAB)-13 and intelligence personnel are being found patrolling markets, shopping malls and centres both in uniforms and plain clothes in the city.

Besides, authorities of different business establishments, shopping malls, complexes, markets and centres have taken own security measures to ensure peaceful environment for Eid shoppers.

Buyers said prices of clothes and other Eid items for males, females, babies and children are higher this time than last year.

However, increased prices of Eid items have almost no impact among buyers, said owners of different shops and sales centres.

Eid shoppers are mostly rushing now to Super Market, Jahaz Company Shopping Complex, City Plaza, Moti Plaza, Adi Janata, Salek Market, Jamal Market, Maya Exclusive Fashion House, Bismillah Garments, Eid Bazar, Golden Tower, ‘Rangan’, ‘Zila Parishad Biponi Bitan’, ‘Shah Amanat’, ‘Rajanigandha’, Salek Market, Station Market, Rajib Gandhi Market, Honumantola Market, Madina Garments and other markets, shopping malls and centres in the city.

At this last moment, each female three pieces is being sold at rates between Taka 1,500 and 20,000, saree between Taka 1,200 and 45,000, ‘punjabi’ between Taka 1,200 and 10,000, pant pieces between Taka 1,200 and 3,500, jeans pants between Taka 2,000 and 5,000, shirt pieces between Taka 1,000 and 3,500, shirts between Taka 1,500 and 5,000.

Students Kohinoor Begum, Monalisa, Nargis and Azizur Rahman at ‘Super Market’ on Friday night said they already completed purchasing their Eid clothes and other items at higher prices this year compared to last year.

Housewives Aklima Chowdhury, Manisha Pervin and Kohelika Begum at Honumantola market said they were purchasing shoes, cosmetics and other smaller Eid items after completing purchase of Eid clothes for family members.

Couple Monika Rahman and Hamidur Rahman at Rangan shopping centre said they purchased Eid clothes, cosmetics and all other Eid items for their children at 30 to 40 percent higher prices this time than last year.

Businesspersons Amirul Haque, Akkas Ali and Abu Raihan at different markets expressed satisfaction over sharp rise in sales of Eid clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other goods in last three days ahead of the Eid-ul-Fitr festivity.

“The traders are witnessing huge business daily in over 10,000 shops in different markets, shopping centres, malls and other places in Rangpur city,” President of Rangpur Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rezaul Islam Milon said.

The daily average sales were around Taka 30 million in first ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.

However, daily sales remained between Taka five to 80 million in the next ten days while traders are currently selling Eid items worth over Taka 150 million daily,” Liton said predicting a record Eid business this year in the city.

President of Rangpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mostafa Sohrab Chowdhury Titu termed continuous improvement in economic conditions of people in last ten years as the main reason behind the record sales at Eid markets.

“The sales of Eid items would continue to increase till the night before Eid-ul-Fitr day,” Titu said predicting a record business at Eid markets in the city this time.

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