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Transport owners say no strike on Saturday

File photo used for representation purpose (Collected)
File photo used for representation purpose (Collected)

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Transport owners have decided to keep bus services normal in Dhaka and elsewhere in Bangladesh on Saturday amid fears of violence over the BNP’s rally planned for that day. 

Dhaka Road Transport Owners Association announced the decision after an emergency meeting to discuss the political situation in the country on Thursday. Around 300 representatives of the owners and workers attended the meeting, reports 

The association said bus services would be normal on the city and inter-district routes, urging the authorities to strengthen security at key points of the capital to keep traffic normal. 

The transport owners and workers called strike before the previous rallies organised by the BNP in major cities. The strike appeared to aim at preventing BNP supporters from joining the programmes. 

The BNP alleged the ruling Awami League had influenced the transport owners’ decision. The government refuted the allegation and said the transport owners called the strike fearing violence. 

Transport owners, however, said they had no plan to enforce a similar strike in Dhaka. 

But the situation escalated on Wednesday when police tried to remove BNP activists from the street outside their headquarters in Naya Paltan. A BNP supporter died in the clashes and hundreds were arrested. 

Commuters suffered as traffic jams spread to other parts of the city with the streets in Naya Paltan and surrounding areas blocked.  

People complained of fewer buses on Thursday as fears of more violence grew. 

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