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Two missing as three fishing trawlers overturn in Bay of Bengal

- File photo used for representation
- File photo used for representation

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Three fishing trawlers have capsized in the Bay of Bengal off Kuakata while returning to shore.

The trawlers overturned near the Payra Port's Fair Buoy around 3 am on Monday, reports

Two of the trawlers were the FB Anwar Khan and the FB Sujan, said Md Ansar Uddin Molla, president of Alipur Fishing Port Cooperative Society.

Although 22 of the 24 travellers on the two trawlers have been rescued, two people named Siraj Munshi, 50, and Siddique Pada, 55, are missing.

The other trawler that sank in the bay is owned by Mohipur businessman Ilias Hossain. All those who were aboard the vessel have managed to return to the port, Ilias said.

Anwar Khan, who owns one of the trawlers, was seriously injured in the incident and has been admitted to Kalapara Hospital.

The authorities have been unable to establish contact with five other trawlers at sea, said Md Ansar. One of them is the Mayer Dowa.

“Communication with Mayer Dowa has stopped. They haven’t come back yet. Inquiries are being made about the other missing trawlers.”

Ansar said that hundreds of fishing trawlers have returned to the Alipur and Mahipur fishing ports over the last few days as the sea is rough due to high tides and a depression over the bay.

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