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Universal Pension Scheme registrations cross 100,000

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The number of registrations for the Universal Pension Scheme crossed 100,000 as of Monday, says a press release.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the scheme on August 17, 2023, aiming to provide a sustainable and well-organised social security system for the elderly people of the country.

The press release, issued by the National Pension Authority, mentioned that the pension scheme was at first launched under four titles, namely “Probash”, “Pragati”, “Surokkha”, and “Samota”.

A new scheme titled “Prottoy” has been added for the officials and employees of self-governed, autonomous, and state-owned enterprises, and it will come into effect for those who join jobs from July 1 onwards.

It also mentioned that the field administration has actively been involved in extending the benefits of the Universal Pension Scheme to the doorsteps of the common people.

The authority has formed “universal pension operations implementation and coordination committees” at national, divisional, district, and upazila levels and issued specific directives to the field administration to promote the pension scheme.

According to the authority, Tk 420 million of the subscribed amount has so far been invested in treasury bonds.


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