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US has more extrajudicial killing than Bangladesh, says Momen

| Updated: February 23, 2021 12:58:45

US has more extrajudicial killing than Bangladesh, says Momen

The US has more incidents of extra-judicial killing than Bangladesh, said Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen.

The minister, who starts for Washington on Monday night to meet the new US Secretary of State on February 23, told newsmen that he would counter the propaganda carried by some media during his visit.

“One of their allegations is regarding the extra judicial killing but all should know that the number of such killing is much higher in the USA”.

Last year US law enforcers killed 1,004 people without maintaining the due process of law, he mentioned.

 “I do not say that there was no incident of extra judicial killing in Bangladesh. There were a few cases but those were accidental and the government initiated probe to find out what went wrong” said the minister.

About his visit, Momen said that the new administration under President Joe Biden has initiated some new policy and during his meetings with the senior US officials, he would highlight Bangladesh’s position on various issues.

Bangladesh has much potential for the US investors and importers, said he adding that we have exported pharmaceuticals to the US market and there are other sectors where both countries can join hands.

“Bangladesh wants a more solid tie with the US and we shall explore the areas, where we can strengthen our cooperation.”

The minister said former US secretary of State John Kerry is eager to work with Bangladesh on climate issues.

“He recently told me that they want to hold an international climate conference in Washington and sought our cooperation in this regard” the minister added.

Responding to a question on whether Bangladesh will take the Rohingya refugees reportedly floating in the Andaman Sea, the minister made it clear that Bangladesh will not allow entry of more Rohingya refugees.

“Those who are talking big about human rights should give them shelter. We have done a lot and provided shelter to over one million refugees. Now other countries should come forward” he noted.

“In Kutupalong Rohingya camp, the population density becomes 84 thousand people per square kilometre. Can they imagine it?” the minister added.

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