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Vehicles to pay increased charges at Jamuna, Muktarpur bridges from tomorrow

| Updated: November 18, 2021 18:58:01

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The government starts collecting tolls at increased rates for Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge and Mukterpur Bridge from tomorrow (Friday).

The new rates will be applicable for all kinds of transports from zero hour on the day, according to an order issued on Wednesday by the Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA), which had also issued a circular in this regard on November 02 last.

Earlier, the BBA announced to make the order effective from the zero hour on Tuesday, but suspended it as the software could not be updated with new rates by then, officials said.

They said the government has raised the toll rates due to increase in maintenance and operation costs of the bridges.

According to the new rates for Bangabandhu Jamuna Bridge, the toll for motorcycle is Tk 50, jeep or car Tk 550, microbus or pickup below 5.0 tonnes Tk 600, 32 seats bus Tk 1,000, 5-tonne truck Tk 1,000 and 8-11 tonnes truck Tk 1,600.

The annual toll rate for trains has been doubled to Tk 10 million from Tk 5.0 million.

The new toll rate for a truck with a maximum three-axle is Tk 2,000, a trailer up to four-axle Tk 3,000 and a trailer over four-axle Tk 3,000 and an additional Tk 1,000 for every other axle.

For Mukterpur bridge, the new toll rate for a motorcycle is Tk 15, auto-rickshaw Tk 30, car or tempo Tk 50, jeep or microbus or pickup Tk 50, up to 31-seat bus Tk 150, over 32-seat bus Tk 250, 5.0 tonnes truck Tk 200, above 5 to 8 tonnes truck Tk 250, and above 8 to 11 tonnes truck Tk 600.

The new toll rates have been fixed for a truck with three-axle at Tk 800, a trailer with four-axle at Tk 1,000 and over four-axle at Tk 1,000 and Tk 500 for every other axle.

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