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Youth march Dhaka streets demanding measures against climate change

| Updated: September 21, 2019 10:50:49

Youth march Dhaka streets demanding measures against climate change

Hundreds of students marched Dhaka streets on Friday with demand of taking effective measures to check global climate change and its impacts on world.

Marking the global climate week, students of different academic institutions gathered in front of the National Press Club afternoon and marched the city streets voicing for a safe world.

Later on, people of different ages joined the march expressing solidarity with the demonstration.

In the event, youth carried a plastic effigy terming it as plastic monster and showed as to how the plastic and electronic made goods are dictating doom of the world.   

September 20-27, 2019 is marked as Global Climate Week where young people across the globe are scheduled to march on the streets to urge global leaders joining UN General Assembly to commit to urgent and immediate action to stop climate catastrophe.

The week has started on Friday with schoolchildren all around the world holding climate action movement ‘Fridays for Future’.

Participants in the event observed people who are contributing less in carbon emission are the worst victim of climate change. On the other hand, world leaders are not playing their role to this end.

Bangladesh has little contribution in carbon emission but its people have already been worst victim of global climate change.

“Despite warnings from scientists of taking immediate steps to deal with global climate change, the world leaders are doing a little and not paying due importance to address the issue,” added the youth.  

They drew developed countries attention and leaders in UN to provide supports.

Acton Aid Programme Director Md Asgar Ali Sabri said crisis those are coming as consequence of climate change are creating discrimination in society. He urged world youths to raise their voice demanding immediate action to curb carbon emission.   

Youth for Climate Justice, Activista, BRAC University, ULAB University, Plan International Bangladesh, International Centre for Climate Change, Care Bangladesh, Islamic Relief Bangladesh among others.    

In early August 2018, the world’s leading climate scientists have warned that we have only a dozen of years to limit climate change catastrophe.

The climate movement has long been underway but, following the global movement of schoolchildren started by the 16-year-old Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, young people are leading a global climate movement demanding urgent action to secure their future.


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