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5 resorts near Dhaka to visit with your family

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How often do you feel exhausted and drained and want to escape all the din and bustle, forego all kinds of responsibilities, all those piling up workloads, and pack your bags for oblivion? 

Our lifestyle hardly allows us to breathe freely. Hence, whenever the slightest possibility of even a short-term break arises, all the tired souls scramble to search for the perfect place for a day of relaxation and peace within budget.  

Though there are numerous hotels and resorts for a day trip or night stay in and out of Dhaka, few match all the requirements you are looking for within a limited budget. Here are a few suggestions that might help you.

Bhawal Resort and Spa: 

If you are looking for a day to spend amid lush greenery surrounded by tropical rainforests, Bhawal Resort is precisely the place. Only an hour's drive from the capital, Bhawal resorts is situated amid a heavenly landscape of rainforests. The resort is located such that it is far from the commotion of the city and offers you a silence never felt in Dhaka. 

Embracing the natural beauty of rainforests, the eye-pleasing scenery becomes food for our deprived souls. What could be a nicer place other than green rainforests to revive yourself from weeklong struggles of surviving through city life? 

The resort is located at Noljahni, Gazipur.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo: 

Do you crave pure traditional Bengali platter served in a village-like ambiance in the city of concrete and high-rise buildings? As its artistic name suggests, 'Jol o Jongoler Kabbo' is here to fulfil your wishes to travel back to the villages. 

This place will offer you a day close to nature without interruption, along with traditional Bengali cuisines to serve the desire of your pallet. The resort is built over 90 bighas in Pubail, Gazipur, and is famously known as Pilot bari. The speciality of this resort is that it was made without altering the natural settings. 

A fascinating aspect of its architecture is that all the structures in the resort are built using natural elements like bamboo, jute sticks, etc. Amidst the rural atmosphere, you will find peace while enjoying nature's tranquillity under the open sky's expanse. 

You may wonder about the prices; however, this resort offers you the chance to make unforgettable memories with your family within only Tk 2000-3000, and the packages are for the whole family.  

Chuti Resort: 

After Jol o Jongoler Kabbo, Chuti resort is another destination close to nature that should be on your bucket list if you miss the rural environment. However, this resort is different from others because they are concerned about the environmental and climate impact; thus, they try to minimise their carbon footprint. 

It lies on 54 bighas of land and is only eighteen kilometres from the capital, which would take one hour and thirty minutes. At the heart of Gazipur, the resort offers all the traditional arrangements like bamboo cottages, wooden cottages, and a fishing place equipped with modern facilities. 

Subarna Bhumi Resort: 

Adding to your getaway list is another wonderful destination that might pique your traveller instinct and prompt you to pack your backpack and set out for a trip near Dhaka. Located at MunshiGanj, Subarna Bhumi Resort stands by the bank of the great Meghna River. 

Waking up to an unforgettable view of the mighty river and mesmerising sunrise would sketch the experience of a lifetime in your mind. 

Serenity envelops the entire landscape as far as your eyes can see, and no photographer's camera can do justice to the majestic aura of that resort. Evening at Subarna Bhumi offers an even more aesthetically pleasing ambiance while holidaymakers

enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset over the river. Four cottages overlook the river to accommodate visitors who want to enjoy the scenic view. 


A dream project initiated by famous actor couple Tauqir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat, Nakkhatrabari lies in the vicinity of Dhaka with its simple yet elegant frame. 

Nakkhatrabari resides in Rajendrapur of Gazipur district with a distinctive eye-catching beauty. It is built on a vast land of 15 bighas. The ode of accommodation makes Nakkhatrabari stand out among numerous resorts. There are eleven wooden cottages with beautiful views for visitors. There are other facilities to enjoy as well.

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