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7 refreshing flavours of ice creams to have in this hot weather

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Ice creams are comfort food in the summer. In scorching heat, it gives relief for a certain period. It helps our body to cope with the heat. 

However, ice-creams are not about cooling and refreshments only; they come with various tastes and flavours.

Vanilla ice cream: Vanilla-flavoured ice creams are a widely popular flavour. Those who do not have ice cream regularly usually choose vanilla. It has a soothing mild decent flavour. It is not overpowering, and no artificial colour is added. The older adults like it the most.

Chocolate ice cream: Chocolate ice cream is mostly liked by children, teenagers and young people. Of course, there are exceptions. Usually, middle-aged and older adults dislike this flavour as it contains a slightly bitter taste. This bitter taste comes from the cocoa powder, which adds the chocolate flavour. The combination of bitter-sweet chocolate gives an enriched flavour.

Mango ice cream: Mango ice cream contains a prominent flavour of mango. However, real mangoes are not used. Instead, artificial flavours are used, and food colour is added to make it more attractive. The fragrance is the main attraction here. Also, the sweet-creamy flavour of the ice cream and the mango flavour is a crowd favourite.

Strawberry ice cream: Strawberry ice cream has a separate fan base. On the other hand, a huge number of people hate this flavour. This is because it has a prominent taste of strawberry. The overwhelming smell and the flavour of this ice cream are why people like it or dislike it.

Butterscotch ice cream: The flavour of the butterscotch is unique. The butterscotch flavour is made by boiling brown sugar and butter. Nuts are also added to add a crunch to it. This ice cream has a creamy texture, the sweetness of the caramelised sugar, and a sort of salty taste of the salted butter. All of the flavours, when blended, give a premium taste.

Kheer ice cream: Kheer ice cream is a fusion of kheer/payesh and ice cream. This is a new flavour introduced to the Bangladeshi market. Since it contains the flavour of kheer, this perfectly goes with the Bangladeshi taste buds. The kheer flavour typically has cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, and rose water. Pistachios are also used. 

Orange and lemon ice lolly: Another name for lolly is popsicles. It is water-based as it contains 90 per cent ice. No milk and cream are used. So, it should not be called ice cream. Along with the ice, it has sugar, corn syrup, flavour and colour. 

Orange and lemon ice lolly are most common in Bangladesh. In hot weather, they provide a refreshed feeling. The orange ice lolly contains an orange flavour and colour. Lemon flavour and green colour are added to lemon ice lollies. Both the lollies possess a sweet and tangy taste.

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