A piece of heaven in the midst of a desert - Huacachina

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Mirage is one of the most talked-about things in fiction. A lonely traveller going through an extremely desolate desert to come across water all of a sudden and running as if his life mattered on it only to find that there is no water, is a very common theme in popular culture.

If you were a student of science during your secondary level, you might know the reason behind such an occurrence. ‘Total Internal Reflection,’ in scientific terms, is the reason for such a phenomenon. But what if after knowing all this, you still go after a mirage to find that it was real all along?

This is the reality of Huacachina in Peru. Peru, despite being known worldwide for Machu Picchu, the biggest relic left from the times of Inca civilisation, is a country with some of the most beautiful natural sceneries in the world.

Huacachina is one such place, situated in the midst of a desert and built around a small oasis, it is situated just 5 kilometres from the city of Ica. 

There was a small natural lake at the beginning which has been utilised and converted into a picturesque place. A total of 150 people are residents of that place and almost all of them are involved with tourism of the place in some form or other.

Despite being surrounded by deserts, tourists are unlikely to face any kind of problems while residing there as a lot of highly-rated hotels and restaurants have their outlets in Huacachina. 

Hence, anyone willing to spend a bit of time there will not face any problems when it comes to the common and basic needs. Tourists can even swim or ride boats in the nearby lake.

To go to Huacachina, first, you have to book a plane to Peru in South America and reach the city of Ica. Unfortunately, there is no airport in the city so you have to go by land and it would take at least 5-6 hours to go to Ica from the capital Lima. Huacachina is just a stone's throw away from Ica, as you would need 10 minutes at best to go there.

The problems will be even less if the local online transport providers are being consulted beforehand and the cost of going there is reasonable - Tk 900 maximum. Anyone interested in deserts, Huacachina is a must-visit.

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