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BRAC Bank Reading Cafe discusses Shankar’s 'Chowrangi'

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BRAC Bank Reading Cafe members discussed the famous novel 'Chowrangi' by acclaimed author Shankar on 5 March 2023.

This reading circle was formed by a group of book enthusiasts within the organization who wanted to promote a love of literature and encourage collaboration and critical thinking among their coworkers, according to a press release.

This was the second gathering of the members of this reading circle.

The creation of this book club aligns with BRAC Bank's commitment to fostering personal and professional growth and improving work culture.

According to Selim R F Hussain, the Managing Director and CEO of the bank, this initiative will provide individuals with an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives and ideas, as well as promote intellectual curiosity.

Each month, the BRAC Bank Reading Cafe members read one book and come together to discuss various aspects of it. In April, they will read Bangladeshi author Ahmed Sofa's liberation war-based novel 'Alatchakra' and discuss it at their next gathering.


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