Coca-Cola, Kewkradong clean up St Martin’s Island’s Coastline

500 volunteers collect over 1200 KGs of waste

FE Online Desk | Published: November 29, 2018 14:37:26 | Updated: December 04, 2018 14:34:57

Coca-Cola Bangladesh, along with Kewkradong Bangladesh, has cleaned up the beach of St Martin’s Island as part of their global commitment to create a “World Without Waste” by 2030.

They have recently successfully concluded the eighth edition of the coastal cleanup and marine conservation drive along the beach of St Martin’s Island.

The ambitious goal entails facilitating collection and recycling the equivalent of every bottle or can that the company sells globally by the envisioned time frame, says a media release.

The two-day activity was organised in sync with 32nd annual International Coastal Cleanup®, at St. Martin’s Island, Bangladesh’s only coral island.

The partnership aims towards paving the way for a sustainable and clean environment along the waterways while also driving discussion to understand the causes of marine debris and raising awareness on the harmful effects of marine littering.

Volunteers from all walks of life, including students, school teachers, and professionals from all over the country, engaged in collection of the waste.

Representatives from Union Parishad along with the Panel Chairman, Md. Abdur Rahman, also took part in the initiative.

The information gathered through the initiative will be uploaded to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database.

The slogan for this year’s campaign is ‘Pick it up, clean it up, sea change.’

International Coastal Cleanup is the world’s largest volunteering effort attracting thousands of participants to help collect millions of pounds of waste and debris from beaches, lakes and waterways.

In the last eight years through this initiative by Coca-Cola Bangladesh and Kewkradong Bangladesh, around 4,000 people have volunteered and collected over 9,600 kilograms of marine debris.

This year, 500 volunteers collected 1,200 kgs of marine debris.

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