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Decorate your home without breaking your bank

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Have you ever speculated that after a lanky tiring day, when you waddle into your house, to your utmost surprise, you start perceiving more tiredness?

This jumble and grubbiness can provoke a change in your psyche. A tidy, organised residence will surely change your mood in a jiffy. It can not only uplift your mood but also improves your sleep cycle, fewer germs, make you more productive, demolish the chances of allergy and asthma attack and many more.

These were just the windfalls of having a tidy home. Here comes the toughest part: How to own that? Well, you are presumably screaming there are tons of hacks out there. But what if you have a champagne taste on a beer budget?

The adorning items showcased at the mall are expensive. However, you don't have to drop the idea of decorating your home just because you are on a low budget.

Also, if you are reckoning inexpensive home decor items might erode your ambience, you are going in the wrong direction. Rather, it should demonstrate how efficient and imaginative you are utilising the resources you own.

Fasten your seatbelts as we have talked with interested people to ideate some reasonable decoration ideas without breaking your bank.

Nasima Islam is a Senior teacher at Milestone Preparatory KG School. In a chit chat with the writer, she explained things she never forgets while decorating her room.

“Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers can certainly turn your mood on with their vibrant colours, and charming scent. I would rather drop some bucks to the florist to get my desired sophisticated look than spend tons for expensive ones.”

“While Sharing decor ideas with others,” the jolly flower-lover went on saying, “the first thing I ask them is to put on a bright colour like bright orange, yellow or pink. As I prefer a minimalistic look, gaudy and huge stuff doesn’t attract me much.”

Nasima Islam's living room

For decorating the living room, a tv and some Pinterest worthy sofa with cushion and some green leaves here and there are all you need, narrates Nasima.

Nazma Rahman, a housewife from Shantinagar, Dhaka claims relatives call her DIY (Do It Yourself) queen.

“I believe that art has the power to transform, educate, inspire and motivate. I hang some plates that I painted a while ago in my bedroom. All you need are some colours and plates,” says Nazma who is all by herself for home decoration.

Then comes the ingenious part, as Nazma adds, “Show how creative you are and do some hanging them in an assortment and see the instant change. Search for asymmetrical mandala painting on YouTube and you will get tons of tutorials on them.”

It is a chic decor that is getting more popular and it's better than a blank wall, she thinks.

“Let me tell you a bonus trick. If you want to add some drama to your room just add an enormous mirror and let it do the job. Well, for making it more Instagram worthy, go for Sunburst mirror. It is not only abrupt and easy but also an inexpensive way to decorate your living room, bedroom or even office space.”

“And if I don't want to lose a single buck, what I do is completely change and replace the layout to wipe off the boringness of my place,” she giggles.

Those who aren’t good at DIY projects, what should they do?  Nazma makes it simply - all you need is some vibrant colours and a Canvas.

“Drizzle some colours and create whatever pattern is in your mind. Here you go to uplift your room. Known as abstract painting these days, this artwork doesn’t have any prescribed method or pattern.”

Nazma also told the writer about her preference for fairy lights as in her words, “fairy lights work like magic after dawn.”

Fatema Fazrin Oishi, Assistant Director of Bangladesh Bank thinks something different while making her place beautiful.

“I believe in recycling. The furniture these days cost huge amounts. I change the covers and fabric of my sofa or the curtains in two to three years to add some difference and colours to my room.”

Oishi’s bedroom with fairy lights.


“I hung some wind chime where the air circulates. Its light tingling sound makes a positive aura throughout my space. I prefer light colours for my bedrooms and brighter one's for the living room and dining area.”

Lighter colours like peach or lilac will make your room glimmer and make you more cheerful and happy, while the brighter one shows how confident you are. Oishi has also hung some dream catchers here and there which give an adorable view.

Another housewife, Luchi Rahman, loves her residence to have some Bengali vibe. While taking a tour to her house, the writer couldn’t but notice some of them - a cane sofa, colourful shotoronji, clay showpieces, loads of greenery and hurricanes.

According to her, it's up to us to uphold our culture.

“These days, social media is influencing us to decorate our home in western style but I love our heritage and culture,” she said.

To give a vintage look to your house, place a coloured hurricane lantern on a table. Buy some clay showpieces from the local fair and it will bring some Bengali raw vibe.

“You can hang plants or flower wreaths like I did to bring proportions. Bonus trick - placing greeneries at several layers will formulate your room to seem taller.”

“Hang some money plants here and there. These plants are a jewel to your home. Little tiny cactus lying around will look great. Blue Daisy, Monstera Deliciosa, Agheb, Spiderplant, Euphorbia, Adenium, Zebrina, Pencil cactus, Rain Lily, Oxalis, Ice Plants, English ivy are some must have greeneries for your space,” detailed Mrs Luchi.

Luchi also planted some vegetables in her balcony. She has a mini veggie garden laying on her corridor that gives her healthy vegetables along with freshness.

Decorating the room is all up to you. You do not need an interior designer nor expensive furnishings. Design the way you prefer. It's ok if you have a tight budget, but you surely can fake it till you make it.

The writer is a third-year student pursuing her BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management at the University of Dhaka.

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