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Easy mash recipes: A bachelor’s tribute to mom

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“It was the time when I left my house for my graduation,” said Md Jobayer Al Salehin, a student of the English Department of Shahjalal Universities of Science and Technologies.

“I started making different types of mashes. My such attempt, to be honest, was only to get rid of that monotonous taste of broiler chicken and transparent lentil, and to have a taste of my ammu’s recipe.”

Jobayer’s mother has a speciality in making unique types of mashes, like Onion mash, mashed garlic, mashed coriander leaves, mashed eggs, etc.

Also, these items are easy to prepare and can satisfy bachelors' taste buds with a touch of mother’s cooking.

Onion Mash

Onion mash can be made from minimal ingredients. One will need red chillies, rapeseed oil and salt along with onions to make an excellent dish of onion mash.

First, slice the onions into small pieces, and gently fry them for a while. Be careful that the slices don’t get too caramelised.

Then, crush two or three red chillies. Mix the onion slices, crushed red chillies with rape oil, and add enough amount of salt. Thus, your onion mash is ready.

It is a fine appetiser, and you can enjoy it with plain rice or khichuri.

Mashed Garlic

Mashed garlic is a versatile type of dish that one can eat both as an appetizer and a main dish. It is not tough to eat up one whole dish of rice with a bowl of mashed garlic.

To make a bowl of mashed garlic, it will take about 250 grams of garlic, a cup of sliced onions, some sliced onion leaves and coriander leaves, a necessary amount of sliced green chillies and red chillies (not more than two), rape oil, soyabean oil and salt.

First, filter out the garlic cloves and fry them in the pan with medium heat (without oil). After half an hour, the cloves will get tender which is the time to stop frying. Peel them before they get cold, then mash them.

Next, pour some soyabean oil on the pan, and after the oil gets hot, fry the red chillies and sliced onions. After the onion slices are caramelised, add the garlic that are mashed previously, sliced green chillies and salt.

Fry the whole mixture for a while, and then mix the sliced onion leaves and coriander leaves. After that, mash the whole mixture with rape oil, and serve the delicious dish.

Mashed Egg

A plate of mashed eggs needs nothing more than two or three eggs, some red chillies, sliced onions, rape oil, salt and sliced coriander leaves. Probably, among all the mash recipes, mashed egg is the easiest to make.

Start with boiling the eggs. Then pour some rape oil on the pan and fry the red chillies to their crunchiest form. Add a pinch of salt to the fried red chillies and properly mix the sliced onions with them.

Next, add a bit of raw rape oil and sliced coriander leaves. Mash the boiled eggs, and after that, use your hand most dedicatedly to mix all the ingredients together. Your mashed egg is more than ready.

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