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Extra saucy or neat burger?

| Updated: October 07, 2021 18:12:52

Extra saucy or neat burger?

A basic or brioche bun, and a patty made of chicken, beef, mutton or fish and house special sauce or mayonnaise - what does this description bring to your mind?

Certainly, it is a burger.

Adding cheddar cheese, sliced grilled chicken, sausages, beef bacon, tomato, onion, lettuce, etc. to a burger gives you such a mouthwatering picture of it that you instantly feel like eating it.

Burger has become comfort food for people. Compared to just a few years ago, eating burgers has become much more normal and frequent now. Every day there is a new burger joint in town which is bringing a new recipe, look and taste.

Extra saucy or neat?

However, preferences vary among people in terms of the amount of sauce or mayonnaise used in the burger which is the starkest difference creator.

A basic burger has a soft and fresh bun, juicy and flavourful patty and a balanced amount of sauce. But extra sauce and mayonnaise dripped from top to bottom is a new trend on the rise as most burger joints now use extra sauce.

Nevertheless, neat and less saucy burgers are easy to eat as they do not stick to your hands or mouth. A person can taste every part of the burger since sauce doesn’t dominate the whole. At least, Faria Rahman Rattry, a 2nd-year student of BRAC University Pharmacy department, thinks so. 

“Burger with less sauce and more spices is what I prefer. Because more sauce makes the burger unappealing and it becomes messy,” said Faria, who is always a team neat burger.

On the other hand, extra saucy burgers are more juicy and perfect for Bengali taste buds, remarked another regular burger consumer Nafi Khan. This 2nd-year Microbiology student from Jessore University of Science and Technology loves saucy burgers because they are rich in creaminess and flavour.

For him, less saucy burgers feel dry and they are sometimes difficult to swallow.

But then again, these burgers are hard to handle while eating. Extra sauce makes the burger soggy and completely vanishes the taste of patty and bun.

Sayeda Samshee Oishee is a food blogger who owns a page called Our Food Poems. From her experience of having hundreds of types of burgers, extra saucy ones weren’t pleasant often.

“I prefer well proportioned, tender and juicy meaty burgers that don't get messy while eating. People used to love saucy burgers before, but now, the standard burger theory is the crispy or meaty ones.”

Health concern

Burgers are not so good for health as doctors and health researchers have always suggested. Extra saucy burgers bring an extra bit on that.

After having a saucy burger, the stomach often feels heavy and burns with other discomforts. Besides, an extra saucy burger contains more calories, which as a result, causes more fat.

Most of the regular burger consumers say that their stomach deals better with less saucy neat burgers while extra sauce sometimes even leads to food poisoning.

Extra saucy vs neat- this can be a debate, but, neat is the winner apparently in terms of health concerns. Nevertheless, it depends on the consumers’ taste buds and the restaurants are nowadays giving them the option to customise any burger by selecting the quantity of sauce.

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