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Floating tents for campaign between two mountains in Dubai under construction

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A Dubai-based architecture firm, Ardh Architects, is set to bring a new level of luxury to the hospitality industry by creating 'The Floating Retreat.'
The firm plans to combine the thrill of camping with the breathtaking views of the mountains by suspending comfortable and luxurious tents between two mountains in Sharjah, UAE.
The tents will accommodate two people, offering ample privacy and adjustable height for comfort, as well as room service, Wi-Fi access, and a private bathroom.
Guests will also have access to a five-star spa facility on top of the mountain.
The tents will be made of lightweight, fireproof, breathable, and waterproof materials to ensure maximum safety.
Although not yet a reality, the firm assures that well-trained hotel staff and engineers will always be available in case of emergency.

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