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Four energising alternatives to break coffee addiction

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Are you addicted to coffee? Your day doesn’t start properly without that perfect sip of black coffee from your favourite mug? Is taking 5-6 cuppa the night before your exam a child’s play to you?

Well, then what would you do if you heard that the planet Earth ran out of coffee just now and there is not even a single bean of coffee available? Though the question is nonsense, the intention behind is legitimate. If anyone wishes to give up coffee, what will he/she take instead?

Before going to the answer, it should be made clear why coffee should be altered with any other beverage.

Coffee holds a lot of disadvantages that are barely looked at. For example, having too much coffee can give you a feeling of jumpiness, anxiety, palpitation, panic attack, etc. Your sleep will be disrupted because of the overconsumption of coffee.

The beverage can make your blood pressure unstable. It can also lead you to withdrawal syndrome, as it creates a kind of an addiction. Coffee can also cause fatigue.

Now, coming to the main point, what are the alternatives to coffee?

Brewed cacao

Brewed cacao can be an excellent alternative if you are addicted to the mocha flavour. This particular beverage is a kind of chocolate that can boost energy in a rapid speed, and simultaneously, one can enjoy the essence of mocha-flavoured java without facing the disadvantages of coffee.

To talk about the nutrients, brewed cacao provides theobromine, which enhances the shape of blood vessels, where coffee tends to constrict them. There are also antioxidants like phenylethylamine and magnesium to boost the immune system.

Dandelion coffee

Dandelion coffee is a blessing for those who always run short of time but craves coffee. This particular type of coffee is produced not from any coffee bean, but from roasted dandelion roots, thus having no caffeine at all.

The flavour is a bit sweet, and rich also. There are vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics, minerals, phytonutrients etc. found in dandelion coffee, and all these things without the bitterness of original coffee.

Masala Tea

Masala tea or spiced tea is a beverage of its name. It is basically black tea, accompanied by spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger or many other spices.

Besides these spices, hot milk is also needed to make masala tea. Masala tea significantly contains less caffeine than coffee. The beverage can make one active, improve the health of the heart, improve digestion, reduce nausea and so on.

Golden Milk

The golden-coloured turmeric latte named golden milk is a booster for anybody who takes it. Ingredients like curcumin make the drink unthinkably beneficial. It improves heart health, reduces arthritis and depression, and even helps to fight cancer.

The making process is also simple, just mixing it with any type of milk and nothing else.

Apart from these, there are chicory coffee, matcha tea, lemon water, yerba mate, etc. which you can drink instead of coffee and feel that same energy running through your veins!

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