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Goethe-Institut, Drik Gallery hold travelling exhibition 'Let no one mistake us for the fruit of violence'

| Updated: August 24, 2022 12:01:35

Goethe-Institut, Drik Gallery hold travelling exhibition 'Let no one mistake us for the fruit of violence'

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh together with the Drik Picture Library has organised an international travelling exhibition to illustrate forms of violence on gender constructions and aggression on bodies more vulnerable.

The event exhibition titled ‘Let no one mistake us for the fruit of violence’ was launched as part of the Goethe-Institut’s ongoing M3: Man, Male and Masculinity regional Project.

The event was inaugurated on Friday with guest speakers Dilara Begum Jolly, a Bangladesh sculptor, painter and print and installation artist, Joydeb Roaja an indigenous artist from Chittagong hill tracts and Ashfika Rahman, a contemporary visual artist whose work is being presented in the exhibition.

The director of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and photographer and founder of Drik Picture Library also kept their opening speeches about the show, said a media statement.

“Together we wanted to work with the themes that question our existing ideas on Masculinity. Along with the exhibition, we also had workshops with children and comics books produced under the project.” shared Director of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh Kirsten Hackenbroch.

Following such themes, the exhibition showcases work by Ashfika Rahman from Bangladesh, Tsohil Bhatia from New Delhi, Renuka Rajiv from Bangalore, Sandeep Kuriakose from New Delhi, Anurag Minus Verma from Jaipur and Javed Sultan from Delhi.

"One of our visions behind creating Drik was to challenge the stereotypical views and notions about gender in society. We hope to continue our work closely with Goethe-Institut and turn this building into a thriving space of inclusion and diversity," shares Shahidul Alam, photographer and the founder of Drik Picture Library.

The exhibition is open to the public from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm every day from August 19 to 30.

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