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How to get a flawless makeup base?

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Not setting your makeup base perfectly can give a tacky and unappealing makeup finish. It's not only about applying primer, concealer, and foundation. There are mainly five skin types for which you need to understand your skin type first. Then choose products that will suit it. 

Finding the perfect foundation not just shade-wise but formula-wise too to suit your skin is crucial. Professional makeup artists who work with celebrities have different approaches to giving a perfect foundation look based on their skin condition. 

'Non-comedogenic' is the keyword for any base makeup product formula. One must avoid a product without that factor at all costs. It will help not to clog your pores, which is extremely important for maintaining good skin health. 

Best products based on skin types

For dry skin type, dewy and illuminating foundations work best, whereas matte foundations can give a cakey base after a few hours. 

Females with oily skin can go for matte powder formulas; whole combination skin types could go for both dewy and mattifying formulas and use them in specific dry and oily areas. 

Skincare-infused foundations and concealers are highly recommended as they will not damage your skin barrier. This will also save the acne-prone skin types. Look for ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil in your makeup foundation to prevent acne. Dewy foundations infused with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E or hyaluronic acid can be a good option for ageing skin. 

The right way to get a smooth makeup finish 

You need to prepare your face well before applying the makeup products. Cleaning any dirt and dermis is a must with a gentle cleanser. You can use an ice cube with a handkerchief all over your face. This will reduce the appearance of pores under your foundation. 

Hydrating your skin is essential to get a smooth touch. Apply any suitable moisturizer according to your skin type. Primer helps to blur your pores and sets the foundation easily. 

Use a pore blurring primer on your cheeks and T-zone. Next, apply orange concealers to colour correction to hide your dark circles and pigmentation. 

After that, apply a concealer shade similar to your skin tone. Make sure you are not using the excess product, and blend the product well with gentle strokes using a brush or sponge. 

Now it's time for foundation. First, you must apply foundation using light layers and get the perfect coverage you desire. For this, you need to use a damp beauty sponge or any foundation brush to blend well. Start with taking a small amount and gradually add it accordingly. 

Setting your foundation with a translucent powder will make your base transfer-proof. Next, apply a thin layer of powder with a fluffy brush and avoid using an excess powder that will make your base cakey. 

The last of your smooth makeup base is a long-lasting setting spray. Finally, you can get a matte or satin finish using a matte or satin setting spray after your base is done. That's all you need to maintain to get your dreamy flawless makeup base. 

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