How to handle red meat like a chef

| Updated: July 16, 2022 17:51:34

How to handle red meat like a chef

Excess to anything is harmful to the body. But when it comes to red meat, many people are cutting it out of their diet these days talking about the harmful sides.

The opposite scenario can also be seen. Red meat is one of the most popular protein sources in the world due to its special texture and taste. In addition to the taste, it also gives a lot of energy.

To talk about red meat, mutton and beef are mostly consumed items in Bangladesh. Many of these consumers are pretty much specific about their demands. The pieces of meat should be large but shredding soft in texture, Keema must be juicy; even if the skin is crispy, the inside should be tender, and whatnot!

But is it possible to fulfil all the requirements in home cooking? Possible if you know the right tricks!

How the final texture of the meat will come depends a lot on how the meat is cut. First of all, you need to know what kind of cut is the most perfect for your dish.

A suitable cut for stir fry or sizzling can be thinly bias-slice. This is a cut to ensure maximum tenderness in the shortest possible time.

To get a perfectly thin slice, you can freeze the large piece of meat for 45-60 minutes before cutting. The knife should be held at an angle of 45 degrees while cutting.

Byte size cube steak may be the best option for mixing with ramen or fried rice. In this case, the skin or fat on the meat should be removed at the beginning for the best result.

To make minced meat for Keema, many people first cut the meat in curry size and rarely cook and then, shred it or blend it, then cook it again. By doing this, the minced meat becomes overcooked and dry and the real taste can diminish. Raw Ground Meat is always the best option for preparing Keema. It not only cooks in less time but also maintains juiciness.

But how long does it take for a well-done beef or mutton preparation? And when it’s overcooked?

One pound of beef needs 20 minutes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit to be medium cooked. To cook well-done beef takes 25-30 minutes. If cooked at a higher temperature for a shorter time or longer time, the fibres of the meat may shrink or get overcooked and the texture may become hard or dry.

On the other hand, meat cooked in low heat for a short time can cause food poisoning, as it is not fully capable of killing the harmful bacteria grown in raw meat.

But above all, if the dish is beef curry and you have to keep it tender and juicy, the only solution is to cook it on low heat for a long time.

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