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Mia Shabeb's Maidan observe "Sobeh  borat" 

Mia Shabeb's Maidan observe "Sobeh  borat" 
Khanqueh-e-Shaheed (RA) Mia    Saheb's Maidan Khanqueh Sharif ,        situated at luxmibazar in the old city of Dhaka will hold religious    discussion Fateha Khwani, zikir, milad and doa mahfil marking the holy ‘Sobeh  Borat’ after Asha  prayers (Monday ) . 
Ninth goddinashin peer Hazrat Shah Sufi Sayed  Ahamadur Rahim (Damat Barakatuhum) ,who is also the Mutwalli of Hazrat Shah Sufi Sayed Abu Yousuf Abdullah (RA) Waqf Estate and director of Mia Saheb's Maidan Shah Saheb Bari Jamey Masjid ,will conduct the doa mahfil and akheri munajat.
A discussion on the holy night of the  'Sobeh   Borat '  and doa mahfil have been organised after  Asha   prayers on the occasion.
The programme will begin through recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Haji Dr. Mohammed Ishtiaq  Sazzadur  Rahman,   Hafez Md. Faruq and   Hafez Mohammed Rohmotullah.The milad mahfil will be conducted by Haji Sayed Barkatullah Badaruddin.
 Pesh Imam and Khatib of Shah Saheb's Bari Jame  Masjid  Hazrat Maulana Jabed Omar Al-Kaderi and other Islamic scholars will participate in the discussion on the occasion. 
Later tabarak will be distributed among the devotee. Convener of the programme Saiyed Taiyab Morshed Araf has invited all to attend the function at 56-57, Mia Shaheb's Maidan Luxmibazar in old town of Dhaka south city, said a press release.

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