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Modern life problems that have no ‘solution’

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No doubt technology and many digital inventions have made our life easy. Yet we ourselves create unique problems every day.

These problems are not crucial yet irritating. However, everytime we try to resolve it or try to make sure it won’t repeat, we somehow manage to step into them again and again.  

Forgetting to turn on the switch of charger

It happens with almost everyone. Your phone’s charge is only 10 per cent, you plug in your phone to the charger and sit back relaxed for 3 hours, wondering if your phone might have reached 100 per cent charge. You come back to your phone, turn it on, wa-lah!

You just realise you didn’t turn the switch on. Yes, it’s you are solely to blame! Now there is no way but to slap your head.

Can’t pick what to watch while eating

After a long time, you have made some time for yourself. You have cooked your favourite meal, garnished it, clicked aesthetic pictures of your food, posted it on Instagram story.

Now the only thing left is to eat while enjoying a show. But you are too indecisive to pick a show.

After searching for a while, you get frustrated and switch to YouTube. Now you are thinking which video to play. But your food is getting cold, you need to hurry up!

So your plan of watching a blockbuster with food fails and you end up watching an episode of ‘Gopalbhar’ or Tom and Jerry while eating.

Phone’s battery low during an interesting conversation

Literally with a fully charged phone, it was a drought all over in your inbox all day. You were free, watching YouTube videos, nobody even said hello, asking whether you are alive or not.

But, then suddenly a storm of conversation blows, you engage in an interesting conversation, gossiping, laughing. Just then your phone will ditch you showing it is low on charge. You then have to leave the conversation and put the phone on charge with a sad face.

Sending the screenshot to the wrong person

Sending screenshots is dangerous by any means. It’s more dangerous when you send it to the person whose screenshot you took, by mistake!

If you delete it right before the person sees it, your day is saved. Even so you tried to delete it but by mistake, you pressed ‘delete for me’ instead of clicking ‘delete for everyone,’ there is no coming back, only God can save you!

Mistaking between AM and PM

It’s a nice bright morning. You wake up at 11 am with a fresh mind. Suddenly you realise you had a meeting at 9 am but you clearly remember you set the alarm.

You thought it was your phone’s fault. With aggression, you open your phone as fast as possible which is then proven to be innocent as it shows clearly you set the alarm at 9 pm!

Although your boss will punish you later but don’t worry, this am/pm confusion at least will give you a good sleep.

Food order got cancelled

We all order food online as getting warm food at the doorsteps while lying lazily on the bed is the thing we want after a hectic working day.

However, the time between order and delivery is tricky as we keep checking the app frequently to know when the food is coming. Sadly enough, sometimes the order gets cancelled. And by the time you know your food is never coming home, it’s too late to order again from other restaurants.

So, what now? You have to cook by yourselves, what else are you expecting?

Tangled earphone

It is one of the irritating things. No matter how much you organise, it will tangle when it is needed. Keep them in your bag, drawer or any storing place and come back after a few minutes, it’s magic! The earphone has tangled as weirdly as it could, all by itself.

Even sometimes the tangle is so messy that you will not be able to untangle it during an urgent situation. Since there is no other alternative, you will use it in that tangled way.

If you are thinking of buying a cordless one, don’t. Because you will lose one of those very soon. You will not get rid of the other.

Nothing to wear

Before going outside, a thought repeatedly pops into your head that you have ‘nothing’ to wear. So what are those ‘nothing’ which fall into your feet right after opening the Almirah? See?

Well, you have enough clothes to wear actually. Stop saying “I have nothing to wear,” instead, you should say, “I don't have any dresses that no one has ever seen me in” or “I don’t have dresses in which I didn’t click pictures.”  Those will make more sense.

Hassle of eating out

This happens mostly with a group of friends. As everybody has their own preferences about food, their choices clash.

Suppose, even if you chose a restaurant with a lot of difficulties, you will argue over what to order. Then again, suppose you order after a long conversation, when it comes to paying the bill, a new war begins right there.

Who ordered which food, who only took a sip of that drink so he/she pay for that, who does not have ‘khuchra’ today and what not!

And the worst scenario can be when you end a whole evening only arguing about which restaurant or place to go and then all of you return home since decision making ate up lion’s share of your outing time. 

Forgetting to switch off the phone during meetings

An important meeting is running smoothly. Looking like your team has impressed the client with their presentation. All of a sudden, a phone starts to ring at a loud volume.

For one moment, you also get irritated along with others. But why is everyone looking at you with a disgusted face? You realise the damage is done because it’s your phone! Oh no, where to hide now?

Google map showing the wrong direction

Sometimes, google maps act like that naughty children who mislead us in the wrong direction. We depend on google map blindly and without knowing the exact location, we rush to explore them.

Right then, it will abandon us, and will act like a disloyal friend. It will show the direction that is practically impossible to go on. And you are just left with the song ‘Ami Pothbhola Ek Pothik.’

Using headphones with high volume

You are listening to your favourite song on your newly bought headphones with maximum volume. You are in an insane mood, going crazy with the beats, getting in rhythm with the song, feeling like you are just out of this world.

Yes, you are actually out of the world because your mom has called you several times and you did not reply. Then she storms into your room with an angry red face, and the rest is history!

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