Mother calls cops to wake up son for school

Published: December 17, 2018 14:12:01 | Updated: December 19, 2018 14:08:15

A Michigan mother employed an out-of-the-box solution when she was having trouble getting her son out of bed to go to school in the morning.

“I woke him up. He thought he was just going to not go, and I said, ‘Nope, you’re learning today, boy,'” Crystal Towns told local Michigan news station WEYI.

Towns told the news outlet that she was struggling to get her son out of bed when she had an idea. “He blamed his sister for not waking him up, and I had it. So I called the school resource officer to come pick him up.” She added that her son “wasn’t bad, he just thought he was gonna not go to school again.”

Towns called her son’s school resource officer, Officer Dan Wolschleger, who has been an SRO for 12 years with Grand Blanc Township, and the dedicated law enforcement official agreed to come to her house and meet her son at the door.

Her son probably did not realise that his sleepy nature would lead to a police escort, and in the back of a squad car, no less.

“I called [the officer’s] cell phone and he answered, and he came and got him, came to the door, knocked, then told him, ‘I’m here to take you to school and you are riding in the back seat,’ and they left,” Towns said.

Towns is hopeful that the lesson will not only stick with her son but will get through to other students who are attempting to get out of school, reports yahoo.com.

“Providing outstanding community service is a priority for our department,” Chief of police Ron Wiles told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I couldn’t be more proud of our officers for what they do every day and the level of service they provide. We have a strong partnership with the Grand Blanc Community Schools and our SROs work hard every day to help make sure that our students are not only safe but that our students get the most out of their school years. They truly care about the students and often go above and beyond to help them and their families be successful.”

Crystal Towns did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

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