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New York awe-struck as sky over Queens turns blue

Published: December 28, 2018 14:42:28 | Updated: January 02, 2019 14:22:49

Photo: New York Times via Twitter Photo: New York Times via Twitter

An explosion at an electrical power station in New York City on Thursday evening lit up the sky with an eerie blue light - and triggered a flurry of speculation on social media.

Some wondered if aliens had landed.

Image derived from Twitter

Others thought something supernatural might be to blame for the ghostly glow.

Others wondered if the hand of God was at work over New York. A new Pope, or the moment when Evangelicals say true believers are swept up, or "raptured", to heaven.

The New York Police Department took to Twitter to reassure the public that the strange light was caused by something much more down to earth - a transformer explosion at a Con Edison power station in the Astoria neighbourhood of the borough of Queens.

Energy Company Consolidated Edison shed more light on the cause of the excitement, reports BBC.

They said: “There was a brief electrical fire at our substation on 20th Avenue & 32nd Street in Astoria this evening, which caused a transmission dip in the area. All power lines serving the area are in service and the system is stable.”

Meanwhile, the power cut hit New York's LaGuardia Airport, which warned travellers to be prepared for delays.

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