Pilot daughter flies with mother on her retirement day

Indian daughter pilot with air hostess mother on her last flight

Published: August 01, 2018 17:20:59 | Updated: August 07, 2018 15:43:32

Pooja Chinchankar, centre, on her final flight

A woman, who fulfilled her air hostess mother's "dream" by piloting her final flight before retirement, says she feels "happy and overwhelmed".

Ashrrita Chinchankar was first officer on the Air India flight which brought to a close her mum Pooja's 38-year career as cabin crew.

"I am both happy and overwhelmed. Happy because people can relate to the emotion, and overwhelmed because people are celebrating the goodness", said Ashrrita.

She initially tweeted: "So happy and honoured to be able to pilot the one flight that mattered. It was my mum's dream to have me pilot her last flight as an air hostess with Air India.

"As she retires after her glorious 38 years of service, I will be carrying on with her legacy."

That post on Monday has proved popular on Twitter receiving almost 5,000 likes and 650 retweets so far, according to BBC.

The story has had an uplifting effect on many people who have heard the news while others saw the it as an example of female empowerment.

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