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Prepare your skin a month before the wedding for a bridal glow

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When getting married, the first thing that comes to a bride's mind is to look good through it and achieve that bridal glow. Never mind the constant rush of cortisol dying to pop out the pimples and making bunches of your hair bid farewell to your scalp. Here's how a bride can achieve a dewy and refreshed look one month before her wedding.

Let's hear from an expert first

Dr. Shaikh Salman Salam, MBBS, DDV (BSMMU), Consultant Dermatologist and Venereologist, considers the one-month timeline and says, "It's already too late. Any skin treatment requires multiple sittings, whether it is acne scarring or pigmentation. However, do not lose hope. You can still improve skin hydration to set your makeup more smoothly. However, pigmentation and acne treatment requires cream and treatment, which may make your skin dry. So it is not an ideal item to treat these issues."

To-do list during this one month

Firstly find a qualified dermatologist nearby and do a detailed consultation regarding your skin. They can advise you regarding the topical things to use at home to increase your moisture, strengthen your skin barrier, and take care of your skin health. In addition, they can suggest some supplements to improve your overall health to get glowing skin, Dr. Salam suggested for the brides.

Treatments that can be done

You should be most concerned about your skin hydration as hydrated skin naturally has a smooth and glowy look.

"Skin smoothness can be achieved with a few pieces of equipment with less downtime. Radiofrequency or microneedling radiofrequency can help you to achieve a clean texture look. Don't try these steps by yourself. Get it done by an expert dermatologist. Those not willing to get these treatments can use a chemical peel to exfoliate the skin deeply. A laser, Q-switch works deeper and takes care of the darker skin tone," Dr. Salam explained.

Also, some renowned parlours have good bridal facial sessions. This will help you to achieve skin hydration, healing, and a plumpy skin look that you need to get a bridal glow.

Changes in food habits

To get glossy skin from the outside, you must eat healthy foods rather than oily or fast foods. If you have dry skin or pimples, it's good to avoid dairy foods. Dark green vegetables have antioxidants that your skin needs to stay young and smooth. Green leafy vegetables will help to improve your skin complexion.

"Ginger in your diet is an anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce acne bumps. Green vegetables help in digestion; this will keep your body and your skin healthy. Fruits contain different vitamins that help to strengthen your immune system. You can replace your soft drinks with fresh fruit or green vegetable juice. Remember that your skin reflects your inner health," Dr. Salam advised.

All you need to know about hair care

To improve your hair condition, consult a dermatologist or trichologist at least six months before your big day. Because to have a drastic change in your hair, you need a minimum of three to six months. In addition, problems like hair fall and dandruff need proper medication and supplements.

Any chemical treatment at the parlour can impact your hair condition. So it is not ideal to go for a shine treatment, which is a glossy clear coating, done one month before the wedding. Hair colouring must be done three weeks prior, along with hair trimming. It's all about the bride's personal preference, how she wills to look her hair.

How you can get the best makeup look

Healthy and clear skin can get a smooth makeup finish. However, one month is not enough to have a massive change on your skin. If possible, try to start at least three to six months before to get the best results. As mentioned earlier, a dermatologist will help you in this regard. Glow treatments are available in good parlours. This can be a good option.

A LED light treatment or an oxygen facial, if suitable for your skin type, can boost your skin hydration. Do it a month before so that if your skin has any breakouts, it has enough time for healing.

Drinking the right amount of water in the right way can help with skin hydration. Also, be diligent about keeping your skin clean.

Our country's humidity makes skin oily and prone to black and whiteheads. Use any mild cleanser or a deep cleanser for proper cleaning of pores. Most importantly, don't try derma planning by yourself at home. Don't shave your face at home if you do not have proper knowledge about it.

So by taking overall inner and outer body care, you can achieve healthy skin. Try to eat a healthy diet or foods that benefit your skin.

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